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sunny-dave | 17:33 Wed 11th Jul 2018 | Sport
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Spoiler thread ...

... where are you watching?

I’m in an apartment in the Schwarzwald, with a tiny TV and a dodgy satellite signal - apparently the local Gasthof has decided there is no audience for its big screen ... the German commentary team on ZDF don’t look/sound full of joy either ...


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If it come to the worse Dave you've got gness to talk to ;-)
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Slainte ....
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I did notice German replica shirts being sold off for €1 in the supermarket today ... not many takers
there's going to be a fight soon, doris is watching the tennis ...
I'm watching at home alone on my over compensating TV.
Watching at home.

I've just had a premonition that we will be 3-0 up @ HT

S'coming home ... ❤
I'm sure it'll be on at our monthly card game, the host's of half English stock although not all that keen on football, being a Celtic supporter. :-)
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ael - Doris seems to have her own stein at the Brauerai I visited a few days ago ... are you sure she’s not a bit Swiss?
Gness is in the garden under the plum tree....or plumb as my friend labeled all her jam one year....drinking wine, knitting Ael's antlers and wondering whether or not to charm....with the help of her saints....England to another win.... Dave will have to talk to himself....x
I'm stood in the kitchen atm. I've got tv in here and I can keep an eye on the lazy roast dinner I slapped on the barby. I took this afternoon off for something and it didnt happen so I am still working. :(



IT'S COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahhhh! That is the first thing we noticed in the brewery, Ael....we had a smile!...x
In English pub all kitted out with flags and bunting. Not that many here.
In my snug
yesssss !
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Just explaining to the neighbours there is an English man in the room under the eaves......they don't need to call for medics.....the noise means England must have scored....just what the Germans want to hear..... :-(
And Russians in the crowd still droning ‘Rossiya’ as they have throughout the tournament. Can’t ever remember that from a host country before

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