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Next England Manager

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AB Editor | 10:28 Thu 09th Feb 2012 | Sport
59 Answers

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  • Harry Redknapp - 101 votes
  • 56%
  • Jose Mourinho - 28 votes
  • 16%
  • Stuart Pearce - 26 votes
  • 14%
  • Roy Hodgson - 16 votes
  • 9%
  • Alan Pardew - 9 votes
  • 5%

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A poisoned chalice.
I thought Arry said he didn't want the job?
Rednapp will take it if offered.
But possibly part time supported by Stuart Pearce... personally I'd prefer Jose in which case Pearce as caretaker maybe.. but be more fun if Mourinho returns to the Prem...
" id like " jose !!!!!!!!!!!!!
The England manager's job is like a poisoned chalice. It would be hard to name someone who has left the England job with any high esteem. Even after winning the world cup in 1966 Alf Ramsay was given a lot of stick, so much so that he resigned.
redknapp will become england manager and mourinho will take over at spurs
I can't see it being anyone other than Redknapp, if he turns it down he'll be seen to be shirking it. I can't see any other outcome.
Agree with you there bibblebub.
no bibble, Moyes will take over at Spurs, Everton will go for Brendan Rogers but that will depend on whether or not Swansea stay up.
I got my AVB call right, just wait and see! ;)
Mancini fails at the last minute,, Mourinho to city next season
-- answer removed --
Hope Powell! :o)
I was wrong to say that Alf Ramsay resigned. In fact he was sacked!

But pa___ul3 Brendan Rodgers has signed a new contract this very day and, while football is well-known for contracts being ignored, he is likely to stick with it.
Good idea JTH shes been pretty successful
I think the situation has become precarious with Capello resigning.

The expected timeframe for this would have been for Harry to see the season out, Capello see out his contract, England to have a mediocre European finals then a fresh start for everyone come August, invigorated after their hols with a new broom (Harry) sweeping clean.

IMHO the court case (with no little involvement from the press) may have dampened Harry's enthusiasm for the job. He will know more than anyone that he only needs 3 out of 5 results to go against him in his first year in charge and he'll have the press swarming all over him.

He'll rightly take a little more time to consider his future and whether or not he wants all the aggro of the 'hardest job in the world' and the media circus that goes with it at the age of 65.
For four such intelligent men why dont they just listen to a certain mr rooney and appoint 'arry.
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News conference when sir what his name goonna speak ex west ham man

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