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Wales v Scotland, Sun 12 Feb 12, Millenium Stadium

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Philtaz | 17:18 Thu 09th Feb 2012 | Sport
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Question Author
Try again.
Can't see the vid, but yes please
Question Author
So, predictions?
I know Wales are urging caution, one game at a time, beware the wounded animal etc but I really can't see much of a chance for Scotland. I'll be happy if both sides serve up the same sort of game as the last time they met at the Millenium but hopefully not quite as fraught, it was bladder-weakening stuff!
If Scotland can sort out their handling errors, Wales will have a hard game on their hands. Based on last weeks performances, though, Wales should nick it.
Question Author
Watch from the 4th minute of this vid. Even Jiffy lost his composure in the commentary box, it was an unbelievable occasion!
Question Author
Clutching at straws I believe.

He'd be better off with the roof open. If it's damp/wet it usually transpires to be a great leveller, thus giving Scotland more of a chance.
I hope Wales don't do that thing where thet pick up the other player who is nowhere near the ball and drop him on his neck. I saw it on YouTube. It looks horrid.
I seem to remember a few years ago Wales wanted to close the roof for the England fixture. The England head coach at the time objected, saying that rugby was fundamentally and out door sport.
It's all head games.
Question Author
Me too jj, was sickening and there is no excuse for it whatsoever. He got off lightly, it should have been a 3 month ban no question.
But I doubt we'll need to resort to such skullduggery this weekend.
He's been cited and banned for 10 weeks:
Question Author
3 weeks knocked off for 'good behaviour' WyeDyed. Should have been a full 12, no question.
I agree that it was an unnecessary 'moment of madness' and would not defend his action but they take into account his overall behaviour and the fact that he did not try and defend what he did.
The is out of the rest of the tournament, that should be punishment enough in my opinion.
Last Saturday we saw the opening of the 6 nations present a poor display of International rugby by two extremely average international sides... Scotland and England.

Wales at last are on a high with passionate performances as a team.....Wales win by a margin of 20 points.
I'll be cheering Wales on (as always).
Question Author
He was sin binned last year too though and given that this was an offence of retribution with the ball long gone I find what he did indefensible and I say that as a Welshman. It's drummed into players these days that indiscipline will cost the team the game and we got away with it because he was yellow carded, Ireland somehow contrived not to capitalise and was able to come back onto the field for the last 5 minutes, which proved pivotal. Had he got the red he deserved I feel we may well have lost a closely fought contest.

Glad you made the prediction and not me Sqad. I agree wholeheartedly, just didn't want to be the first to say it!
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At the risk of appearing over confident........

If you're Scottish now might be the time to take up residence behind the sofa, this could be a cricket score.

Sam is a huge miss for us today but Ryan has led us to a Slam previously so there'll be no lack of leadership.

I predict Wales by at least 14.

Question Author
Scotland miss an early pen to take the lead, the Welsh backs look very ominous in the opening exchanges.
Question Author
Scotland weathering the early storm but the pressure is building in waves, we're not too far away from a score I feel.
Looking forward to Wales v France.......plenty of French Kissing in the Scrums
Question Author
Max Evans replaced, big blow for Scotland.

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Wales v Scotland, Sun 12 Feb 12, Millenium Stadium

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