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maggiebee | 01:01 Sat 27th Jun 2020 | Spam & Scams
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Just received this by email: Must think I came up the Tay in a spam can.

We lock up your amazon account for a while and hold all your last orders.

We took this action, because we detect your account in sign-in on other devices and we seen unusual activity on your account.

We fear that someone has your account access, we need your help to resolve this problem for security your account.

To unlock the your account, you can click on a button below and completing necessary steps to secure your account.


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There are plenty trying it on aren't there?
It gets very wearisome, I had one today also purporting to be from Amazon saying my credit card had date-expired could I register a new one. They never give up.
/// Must think I came up the Tay in a spam can. ///

What a lovely expression :-D
Esteemed customer:

We are seeing not any errours in our email that you are quoting here. So why are you not clicking on our link? Do you want that we at Amazon shall close your respective account? This would be very bad for you.

Kindly be clicking link in first email within 12 hours or YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ACCOUNT with us at Amazon. Any consinments you have paid for but have not yet received will NOT be sent and you WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY.

It is in your interest that we are sending you these emails. Kindly respond accordingly WITHIN 12 HOURS to avoid CLOSURE of your account with us at Amazon.

Your esteemed servants,

The Amazon team.
That's even funnier.
Question Author
I do hope you responded to your "esteemed servants" Chris lol
I had one from Aamozon.
I keep being told my payment has been declined. I haven't ordered anything.
I've not gotten any of those *sad face*.
i had a scam email from supposedly British Gas saying i owed money from years ago £21.63...and that would rise to £140 and i would be cut off if i didn't pay immediately!
All scam emails can be forwarded to [email protected]
You don't get an individual reply to each one forwarded but i think they do look into them...
The sad thing about this type of email is some people fall for it.
Yes it is, but a hit rate of only 0.5% will still make it worthwhile for the scammers. :(
If you want to see scambaiting in action try these on YouTube:


Jim Browning

Lewis Tech

Scammer Payback
The bad grammar and misspelling are thought by experts to be deliberate. Intelligent folks, like so many on here, spot the mistakes, realise it is a scam and do not respond. The less well educated are the target of these scum.

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Amazon Scam

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