Scam From New Delhi ?

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derekpara | 09:23 Mon 08th Jun 2020 | Spam & Scams
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Just received an email from a certain RKPL Services/RK Associates in New Delhi which is supposedly a payment confirmation for an invoice ( Number provided). A copy of the RTGS transfer is attached ' for your perusal' with an instruction to ' proceed with manufacturing the products'.
Now, as a retired ex- schoolmaster with a military background, I haven't done much manufacturing but I have learnt to be cautious, so I suspect something fishy here. Needless to say, I've left the attachment well alone. Any thoughts on this ?



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Just block sender, although they usually have loads of alternative ones
It's a scam.

Some email providers are much better at stopping scams like this finding their way into your inbox. I use Gmail, which is very good - I hardly get any spam or scams.
Yes Gmail is very good at stopping spam and scams but strangely enough it still lets one through from America that explains how to renew my hidden weapon permit.
I collect them and delete when I have about 20...currently only 2... I do find them great fun! I am often owed quite a few million from Mrs Blessed Someone or other ......fom Nigeria...............!
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Thanks all. I was hoping for a massive boost to my pension !


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Scam From New Delhi ?

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