Why Dont Religionists (Of Any Persusion)

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nailit | 18:45 Tue 17th May 2022 | Religion & Spirituality
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Apply their own logic to their own religion/beliefs ???
Ask a Christian ''Do you believe that Mohammed flew to the moon on a winged horse''
The answer is invariably met with ''Thats ridiculous''
Any more ridiculous than jesus floating of into the clouds?
Or Elijah carried off to heaven on a chariot?


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Ive recently seen a debate between an atheist and a believer in Islam.
The believer in Islam is a scientist for Gods sake and still belives that Mohhamed flew to to the moon!!!!
Some scientists believe Neil Armstrong flew to the moon.
If that were true, the moon would be covered in mosques by now.
Question Author
//Some scientists believe Neil Armstrong flew to the moon//
Thats true.
Did Jesus float up into heaven?
(And did he have an oxygen mask on the way up to eternal life)
Did Elijah have horses with any kind of anti-gravity equipment?
Christians (other religions are available) will, quite rightly, scoff at the nuttery of Scientologists, and I’ve always found this curious.

Is the nuttery from Scientologists any less believable than the nuttery of Christian beliefs?

Or is just because Hubbard’s religion is just 60 odd years old? But why would that make it any less believable than the nuttery that is 2000 years old?

Basically, no matter what the religion, they’re all away with the fairies.
I certainly don't have a problem with Mohammed going to the moon.
Question Author
//I certainly don't have a problem with Mohammed going to the moon//
If you stop and think for a second the horse to the moon thing's a non-starter. There's nothing for the wings to get purchase on in space.

Scholars have suggested though that 'rocking horse' is a mis-translation of 'rocket horse' so let's not discount it completely yet. :-P
Jesus did promise he is coming back. However, I think we have seen the last of Mohammed and his horse.
Question Author
I think that Ive just entered an alternate universe...
I'll keep you all updated.
The one that I inhabit is devoid of flying gods and prophets.
And flying chariots and the like.
Certainly no flying Jesus's around here.
No Jesus disappearing in the sky by a renowned historian such as Luke...
(All renowned historians have me raising up into the clouds dont they)
Question Author
//the one that I inhabit//
Should have said
the one reality that I inhabit/
I can’t recall learning that Mohammed went to the moon, although he is alleged to have miraculously split the moon in half. Do you believe that too, spungle?

He did fly on an overnight trip to Jerusalem on his horse though - allegedly - but not to heaven. He was taken there by an angel.

I honestly think that people like spungle will say they believe anything rather than criticise religion. My question is if he is willing to say he believes such nonsense, why isn’t he Muslim? Or perhaps he doesn’t believe a word of it.

Just as a footnote to that, did you know that several hundred years ago a man of faith declared the rings around Saturn to be Jesus’ foreskin? Snagged as he zoomed by on his way to heaven presumably - but that’s just my thoughts on the theory.
Naomi; Spungle may have meant that he would be quite happy for Mohammed to buzz off to the moon, as he doesn't like him. Or maybe he didn't mean that (but I bet he did).
if any of these people or maybe the same person was from another planet then witnesses would see them fly towards the moon and with mind control the only thing that the alien could get the humans to comprehend was a flying horse/horse and cart ?
um I think ( sozza - believe - geddit??) it was to Heaven where he met God ( who must speak Arabic because that is the only language that the prophet spoke)

The horse's name was Buraq - no one asked but I am telling you anyway
PP, he flew to Jerusalem on his horse - not to heaven.
Question Author
Miraculous legends abound!
Take ur pick.
If you want to know what is wrong with a religion,
ask another religion....

No religionist will apply there OWN logic to their OWN belief system...

Question Author
//Jesus did promise he is coming back//
2000 years later.......
(And read it in context...something that unbelievers do apparently)
St Patrick banished the snakes from Ireland. All this about The Prophet(pbuh) and a horse is just a flight if fancy.
Question Author
//St Patrick banished the snakes from Ireland. All this about The Prophet(pbuh) and a horse is just a flight if fancy.//
Joke, right?
Please God tell me this is a joke....

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