The Virgin Mary Aids Ukraine

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Khandro | 07:55 Thu 19th May 2022 | Religion & Spirituality
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In Iryna Tsilyk's documentary about life in the Donbas region after the Russian incursion of 2014, the camera moves from the wastes of bombed residential streets to the interior of a Ukrainian armoured personnel carrier.
The surprisingly spacious interior contains boxes of ammunition, & less expected, an icon of the Virgin Mary hanging from a metal beam.

'The Russian Ukraine war has seen a resurgence of devotion to the Virgin Mary. The favourite image being The Virgin of Kviv';

I post this for information only, without comment. :0)


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Also known, I believe, as the Virgin of Vladimir. How ironic.
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naomi; The wikipedia page conflicts with my information (not unusual)
'..the icon was created around 1130 and gifted by the Patriarch of Constantinople to the Duke of Rus, who ruled some of today's Ukraine ......... When it was originally given to Kviv, (no mention of Moscow, or even 'Moskov' as it was first called) this intimate depiction of mother and son was a recent development in eastern Christian iconography'

The icon is the of the type Hodgetria 'she who shows the way'.
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^^ very apt inside of a tank !
The name struck me as ironic, that's all, Khandro,
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n. Yes, I got that, but just in case you or anyone is interested, the reason it was a 'development' in eastern Christian iconography, was because previous to that depiction "Images of the Virgin in the Orthodox tradition had been dominated for almost a millennium by frontal, formal settings of her as an enthroned empress. The new type of icon spread even among Orthodox Christians far from Constantinople."

In other words it was a more 'human' portrayal. That's something I didn't know.
Mariupol is the “City of Mary” literally
If you go in a taxi in Kyiv most drivers have religious icons in their cabs.
There have been times when I have found that reassuring :-)
In times of trouble I think that sort of thing is reassuring to many, Ich, and if that comforts them and helps them deal with whatever horrors are upon them, I won't criticise it. There's nothing wrong with hope.
I'd imagine all or most military vehicles on both sides have icons in them.
It's just a tradition.
I don't think it's solely tradition. I think it means something more profound to many. Never forget that God is on the side of the faithful ... whichever side they're on. ;o)
Well yes, that is what I mean.

I have mind you known a lot of Orthodox Christians who are definitely not religious, but cling to the traditions like fasting etc.
Same as anywhere really.

Me too.
Well, I'd just like to say to all virgins; thanks for nothing.

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The Virgin Mary Aids Ukraine

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