If A Man Die, Can He Live Again?

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goodlife | 18:32 Tue 02nd Jun 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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It is painful to watch a loved one suffer and die. We naturally grieve such a loss.

It is comforting to know, however, that our Creator, understands our grief. More than that, he longs to use his almighty power to restore life to the dead. Notice the hope conveyed in the words of Job, recorded at Job 14:14-15,says
If a man dies, can he live again?
I will wait all the days of my compulsory service
Until my relief comes.
15 You will call, and I will answer you.
You will long for the work of your hands.


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No. If someone dies, it's permanent.
Yes, you live again in spirit.
How does that work, Margie?
Errr I don't know, it's what I firmly believe. If that's ok with you ??
Lol. Believe whatever you like! I was just asking if it made any sense...
In the hearts of those who loved him.
I've read about people being declared clinically dead (Time length unknown) come back to be able to play the piano, speak different languages... and such.
Oh thank you for giving me the go ahead to believe in what I like. I will, I can assure you (lol to you as well).

Makes sense to me and that's all I care about.

Ark .. could they play the piano before they died ?
You don't need the go ahead from me, Margie... relax. It was just a question.
Arky... nobody has ever died and come back. We know that "clinically dead" doesn't meand actually dead very often.
If we live on after death, whats the point of dying in the first place?
alavahalf, No and he claimed never to have had a music lesson in his life...I've read other such stories to. I don't believe in any voodoo stuff... but found it quite amazing.
Arky, I have just watched quite a bit of this with people with DID. It might interest you x
oh come on
I am the light and the life - and if you believe IN me
then I will give you everlasting life

dont do the - - oh did he write that - how wonderful !- where ?
I will read it immediately - where did you say ?
Doesn't matter where it is written PP. You already know.
goodlife, seriously, if we (or at least you as a JW, believe that we die but then live for all eternity, why go through the agonies of death in the first place? It makes NO sense.
Look to nature...things (people, plants, animals) are born, thrive, and then die. For ever.
Lazarus died twice. It seems to me it's bad enough going once.
Nobody has died twice, sandy... you know that x
// Lazarus died twice. It seems to me it's bad enough going once.//
yeah I was gonna plead him
pointing out that he eventually died
so raising him that time must have other significance

Dives - let me go back and tell them Lord - had the answer:
if they dont believe my Son they wont believe YOU !
(so forget it)

I dont know why the OP has chosen Job - priddy daughters huh? - when it was written the idea of heaven
virgin, thrones, angels, everyone singing la-la-la, bright lights, incense
wasnt generally developed - not like now in the R C CHurch
//Lazarus died twice. It seems to me it's bad enough going once//
No appeasing religious nut jobs....

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If A Man Die, Can He Live Again?

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