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Khandro | 08:30 Thu 25th Apr 2019 | Religion & Spirituality
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An extract from a poem written by a dear (now sadly departed) friend. I was reading it this morning and for no particular reason thought I'd type it out and share it;

And he thought of Father Howell's saintly manner
Of raising his arms and calling angels down
As though he felt them coming; of Father Reilly,
Twenty-five years in England, son of Fermanagh,
His voice remaining impenetrable as Swahili
Reading the gospel in chapel, every word
Against his palate crashed and splintered;
A polite congregation dreaming inaudible words, dreaming
Of peace and help. And peace and help coming.
For the congregation he was one,
There to acknowledge their own, and the world's pain.



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That's beautiful, Khandro. Thanks for sharing. I can imagine the voice of the priest, with the flat Fermanagh accent, and the congregation taking his words on trust, without comprehension. That happens everywhere.
And for some reason it made me think of the senseless death of beautiful Lyra McKee and the priest who spoke so movingly at her funeral this week.
thank you khndro, have saved that there more of it?
Question Author
woofgang; It's from a poem called 'Gardening' and it's in here; User Recommendation

But if you don't want to go that far, I'll type it all out tonight, - it's only about twice as long as that central extract.
That is an unusual and meaningful poem. Thanks Khandro.
-- answer removed --
I love poetry, so I quite enjoyed reading that.
Wonderfully descriptive, thank you.

Nailit - have you never mastered the art of saying you don't like something without being rude?
Did you really have to say that nailit? Do you have to trample on people's memories? Personally loved the poem.
Mamy & Maggie
Right at this time I don't have any time for sentiments or (what I consider) religious crap.
Im entiteled to my opinion arnt I?
Or perhaps the mods on here don't like it?
Either way, that's my opinion!!

It's more than clear you have a lot on your plate and you get lots of support on here - please don't take it out on someone else.
Question Author
I don't know how to respond to your posts nailit, so I won't, better to let them stand, but you do sound like a very troubled individual.
I understand where you are coming from nailit, but couldn't you just ignore the post rather than lash out. Prayers with you and your mum.
//but couldn't you just ignore the post rather than lash out//
Don't confuse 'lashing' with giving an honest opinion. I wasn't aware that this was a back rubbing post.
//Prayers with you and your mum//
I might be an non believer but have always accepted an act of kindness in whatever spirit it was offered so thank you.
I'd sincerely like to apologise to Khandro (and others) for posting last night. I wasn't in a good place, on meds and had a drink on top.
Please accept my apologise, there was no excuse. Also thanks to the mod who deleted my post, appreciate that. (Not often that I appreciate my posts been removed but I do on this occasion)
Question Author
Apologies accepted nailit.
Good on yer lad.
There to acknowledge their own, and the world's pain.'
is a very fine piece of poetry.

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