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No Wonder People Are Turning Into Zombies.....

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ToraToraTora | 18:27 Tue 21st May 2024 | Society & Culture
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In an answer to a question on the chase this evening it was revealed that on average people spend 4h 48m on mobile apps per day! I'd be surprised if my total time on apps is 20 mins! Gawd what are they doing all day? Have these people got jobs? This can't be good.



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My phone tells me I averaged 6 hours 49 mins of screen time a day last week. But then I use "apps" as part of my job apart from anything else.

Question Author

where does it tell you the average screen time?

On the iPhone I get a message every Monday - believe me I am not proud of it 😀.

TORATORATORA, do you not use your 'phone when you're on AB?

I'd have thought it would be a lot longer.

To my mind, some spend far too long on this site; looking at the profile of one individual, they have posted over 60,000 Q&As in just over 10 years – or an average of over 15 per day over that period.

Question Author

We are talking about mobile phone apps, I never use a mobile for AB too cumbersome. I spend no more than an hour a day on total on here. 

That app could be Netflix, iPlayer, music apps, Kindle.

They could be using their phones to watch movies/TV, listen to music, read books. 

Or they could be solving puzzles, crosswords.

Many people use satnav apps on their phones, too.


As someone who has retired I spend much more time than I should on the Net, mainly via tablet and/or mobile. Although I don't time myself it could easily be 4hrs 48mins. Although I am getting more & more dissatisfied with it since it's all beginning to seem the same every day. Perhaps one day I'll find the enthusiasm to prioritise something more rewarding.

Mine was telling me I spent around 1 hour a week on mine and much of that was checking to see how long it was before I went on my hols.  

I use my phone to facetime family, too. So many things can be done using apps that are productive, useful and timesaving.

It's not all porn, cat videos, influencers and arguing with strangers.


//So many things can be done using apps that are productive, useful and timesaving.//

And so many things are not.

4h 48m a day AVERAGE(Which must mean many spend a lot more) is rediculous even if it is spent gassing to your relatives.

TTT on the Android go to Settings->Digital Wellbeing & parental controls.   You should see a dashboard, tap that for the week, tap each column for the breakdown on apps. 

So for for today I am on 5 mins, Tues 1 hour, Monday just under an hour.  I spend over 5 mins a day on Authenticators!


 I play games ... Well more puzzles really.  But I also use screen time for learning new embroidery techniques,  and other craft skills.  But can't resist a funny cat video now and again.

Question Author

09:21 YMB thanks but mine does not seem to have "Digital Wellbeing & parental controls.  " - I can't find it anywhere. it's a Galaxy S8. All googles tell me the same as you but I don't seem to have that option, any ideas.

I also use apps for exercise at least for an hour a day, it connects to my cross trainer 

I am the absolute opposite: once every few days I use my 'Flintstones' phone to call my house phone, lift the receiver for a few seconds and then replace it. 

I do this because if I don't use my mobile at all for a long period I get disconnected from my pay as you go provider. 😟

Apps? 🙄😂

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No Wonder People Are Turning Into Zombies.....

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