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CJHorse | 15:43 Wed 22nd May 2024 | Society & Culture
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More specifically, CofE priests.

When I was a boy they used to wear a whole white "dog collar" which could be seen surrounding their neck. This was also true of actors portraying priests in old films. Nowadays it just seems to be a small flash of white at the top of their shirt. 

When did this change and why? I would get it from the horse's mouth, but none of my friends are vicars.



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19:38 Wed 22nd May 2024

I'll ask ours when I see her - perhaps Sunday.

less washing needed? 

I think it happened in the early 70s but I don't know why.

Anglican vicars only started wearing the full dog collar in early Victorian times, before that they wore white bands.

damn savages...

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