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Anti-Semitic Posts V Anti Islam Posts.

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Atheist | 19:54 Sat 24th Feb 2024 | Society & Culture
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It seems to me that AB has lots of OP's attacking Islam and Muslims in general, but not many OP's attacking Jews.

Anti-semitism seems to be considered shocking, but anti-Islam seems to be considered quite acceptable.

What do you think?



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I think you're right. Arabs are Semitic too, of course, since they're all descended from Noah's son Shem, but that seems to have been overlooked.

You are right Atheist it actually seems to be condoned on here.

Question Author

And perhaps the Israeli bombings have killed more innocent people than the slaughter of the Midianites which God authorised many years ago. However, to be fair, the jews then were allowed to spare the young women for some reason. Apparently, the Hamas people spared some young women for a short time.

Aren't humans lovely!

jews are not attacking the uk nor have they detonated bombs nor stabbed peple to death, i could go on, islam is bent on a world ummah or to dominate by hook or crook, and that subterfuge, dead mp dead concerts goers, dead soldier, shall i go not an israeli appologist either, i only care about what happens here in the uk, islam is an insidious militant ideology.

What fender says. In 30 years in the police I have only had cause to arrest one person who was Jewish for possessing an offensive weapon. He was deported by a grateful Israeli embassy after a pitiful sentence at Marylebone Mag Court. Whereas the amount of members of Islam were considerably higher.


perhaps you need to ask WPC Yvonne Fletcher who was shot dead by cowardly Muslim terrorists in St James Square. Forgot to mention they claimed diplomatic immunity and escaped justice.

Question Author

I suspect that most murders in the UK are committed by christians. But you don't hear many people labelling christians as murderers.

Nothing personal Retro, but people in a job like yours  inevitably have a jaundiced view of human nature. I've known ex-coppers who were hardened and prejudiced, and others who were not. I don't put much store on police officers' views of human nature. We know that there are good cops and bad cops. I sense that you were a good cop, but knocking around with villains for years has its effect.


I agree Atheist to a point.  It would be good to think most people on here were not anti any religion.  I think that'sthe true state of affairs.  I admit, as you know ,being very Anti Israel government now.  Some on here have shocked me with their obvious hatred of all Muslims.  

Question Author

Retro (if you're still talking to me) how do you know that you only ever arrested one jewish person?

If the world is wary of Islam it has good reason.  I won't go into detail.  

I would love to know how Fender knows that no Jews have  stabbed people to death.  Most murderers' religions are not mentioned in the Media.   

No please do Naomi, share what makes you so knowledgeable.

Lottie these types of people are as bad as the people they are hating on.

Quite ironic when you think about it.

Question Author

According to fender and retro, jews are amazingly different from the rest of the population. I presume that they didn't really mean what they said, but a bit of thought before posting is always worthwhile.

It has been condoned on here.  And a great deal of the postings do break Site Rule 6.  But the mods don't acknowledge that and join in with the hatred.   And that's all I'm saying.  

Atheist, difference is some? muslis have an agenda, and that is to further islam, other murders by none muslims cannot be counted, as's not about islam, murders my muslims are to...wait for further islam.

I'm quite saddened by the amount of hate I see on AB lately. And it is no better that the hate directed at particular groups...religious, ethnic, aboriginal or the past. It's a feeling/emotion/belief  I really can't relate to. I'm probably be it.

I think that 'anti-semetic' is a greatly overused phrase.  Any criticism of Israel is said to be anti-semetic.  

I think that we are going through a phase of trying to not offend minority groups and putting labels on people.  It just screws up our abilities to interact with others.

Islam is in many ways an extreme religion but most of its followers are not so different to each of each of us.

I much prefer the company of Cats and Dogs.  They tend not to judge us with regard to our relgion but whether we are good to them and just trustworthy in general.




What I have noticed is that if you express concern about innocent people being bombed in Gaza you're likely to be called a supporter of terrorism.

the jews then were allowed to spare the young women for some reason. 

not in Gaza  they havent - 17/20000 dead are women. God it cant be that high - add in 2000 children oops, dont want to get deleted: young pre-terrorists...

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Anti-Semitic Posts V Anti Islam Posts.

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