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Rev. Green | 11:41 Mon 25th Jul 2022 | Society & Culture
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We used to have just a few genders, then LGB, then LGBT. Recently, I heard something like LGBTQ+. Can't we have a word to describe all these conditions? How about 'parasexuals'?


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Parasexual? does that mean they sky dive?
12:01 Mon 25th Jul 2022
blimey dnt we have enough words in English ?

Conditions? Is male or female a condition? A way of perceiving our sex, sexuality and gender.
Don't care how a male identifies himself, he'll still want his prostate checked when he's 40.
I was rather tickled by that hospital radiology department, Rotheram wasn't it, that was asking men if they were pregnant.....really, woke gone totally bonkers. Not even trannies can have babies - yet.....though that may not be that far off.
I thought we already had a word for it.
How about just plain bonkers?
How about the word - People?
Moot point anyway in these modern times, isn’t it all about what you ‘identify’ as?

Since the age of 14 or so it’s become apparent to me that I am in fact a lesbian…….

trapped in a man’s body.
Parasexual if I am not mistaken has a history in psychiatric terminology to describe sexual mental illness... not a terribly nice or accurate word for LGBTQ people...

confusingly they now tend to refer to themselves as "queer" as catch-all for non-hetero and/or non cisgendered... which I had always thought to be out but appears to have come back in again! :)
Dtc but they might be pregnant women who identify as men.
I do get confused by this though
We still have "a few genders"'s sexual identities that you are on about.
And how would the prefix "para" help? (look up the meaning).
Parasexual? does that mean they sky dive?
"Can't we have a word to describe all these conditions?" - there is one, well an acronym at least, MAABOF.
i would like to remind people that the "conditions" listed in the OP include being gay bi or lesbian... so calling it "bonkers" or "maabof" is not a good look
oops untitled is quite right ( parasexual is used in psych)
well he wont be listened to on AB will he?
Why on earth should I care what people get up to with their willies or front bottoms?
L, G, and B are not genders, they are sexual orientations, the first two of which could just be lumped together as H.

You are a few letters out of date Rev. They keep adding them and we are now up to LGBTQIA2+. (Google it if you don't believe me).

It definitely needs a proper word.
I don't think para is the right prefix.
Well somebody should have a proper word.

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