Is Prince Charles 'nice But Dim' ?

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Khandro | 23:48 Sun 02nd Feb 2020 | Society & Culture
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Has anyone seen 'The Royal House of Windsor' on Netflix, in the final episode of which, he embraces Islam, giving speeches to become the darling of the Muslim world? He appears to be completely oblivious to the issues of the abuse human rights, treatment of women, & Sharia law in these countries & what is going on in his own.


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//blaarting about Brexit//

Must have made a nice change. They're usually sharting about Brexit,
PP, leave me out of your manic ramblings. Your brain has deserted your fingers again
He was not particularly nice and he is dim. Met him many times.
// PP, include me out ....... Your brain has deserted you/

help PP squeals piteously - I am being stalked ! someone has called me a dunderhead ( again ) and so that MUST be stalking ! it is SO unfair (more violet elizabeth bott squawking sozza thqwawking)

actually I dont think Chass has had a fair crack of the whip and yes he does speak arabic and writes it as well but so what? He isnt in a position to influence anything now or in the future. around his investiture he really got it in the neck from the press as did Anne. unhappy at uni because he was surrounded by a crowd of sycophantic arriss-thingeys

PP squealth a bit more just for effect
Question Author
PP //surely this includes the freedom to make sharia laws ?//

Sharia Law doesn't need to be made, it exists, & do you know what it is & what it embodies?
I think he is naive rather than dim.
so do i think he's naive.

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Is Prince Charles 'nice But Dim' ?

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