What May 2019 Will Bring? And What Not?

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vetuste_ennemi | 00:58 Wed 02nd Jan 2019 | Society & Culture
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Bonne Année à tous.

A New Year's gift to friends and enemies of the EU. It's an intelligent .comment by De Tocqueville from his reflections on the American republic, and his speculations on future threats to its liberties He was obviously speaking by analogy with his knowldge of "L'Ancien Régime". (From where I come from, of course, I see this as a rather profound anticipation of the methods by which democracy regresses into oligarchy)

"If despotism were to establish itself in today's democratic nations, it would probably have a different character. It would be more extensive and more mild, and it would degrade men without tormenting them...The sovereign [VE: read Commission], after taking individuals one by one in his powerful hands and kneading them to his liking, reaches out to embrace society as a whole. Over it he spreads a fine mesh of uniform, minute, and complex rules, through which not even the most original minds and most vigorous souls can poke their heads above the crowd. He does not break men's wills but softens, bends, and guides them. He seldom forces anyone to act but consistently opposes action. He does not destroy things but prevents them from coming into being. Rather than tyrannize, he inhibits, represses, saps, stifles, and stultifies, and in the end he reduces each nation to nothing but a flock of timid and industrious animals, with the government as its shepherd...".


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Everybody here should buy into British culture. Not multiculturalism, a failed experiment.
Most recent stabbing by a Muslim just two nights ago, in Manchester Victoria station. There will be more.
I fail to see how these savages have enriched our society.
ah i'm not even getting into it. Give the doctors job to Sarah with her level 2 science BTEC just because she's native even though un native people are willing to work harder for less.

Issue isn't with immigration, it's with attitude.
"these savages"

Who are 'they'?

Where did they immigrate from?
to class immigrants as "these savages" is racist.
These savages are the Muslims who want a Muslim Britain, sharia law, and some of whom are prepared to stab people to achieve it.
Do you have to be an immigrant to be one of "these savages" ? Or just muslim?

There are many native muslims.. I wasn't sure if you were aware..
Native muslims? Yes of course. The 7/7 bombers for example, and the Manchester arena bomber. The list goes on.
All good Muslim Brits.
so as i'm sure you're aware linking Muslims with immigration is a touchy / sketchy matter
Spath - with the greatest of respect, let's not get hot under the collar over this.
My views are based on facts.
Even Trevor Phillips, one time guru for the governments drive for multiculturalism, did a programme on tv and admitted that it was a failed experiment.
What about all the immigrants that have never done anything wrong have worked hard and paid taxes?
The ratio would be interesting no?
I'm not hot under the collar, you're just making this about something it originally wasn't about. Religion...

the reason it's a failed experiment is because natives (from UK) feel anyone who comes over should instantly start using cockney slang, eating fish and chips, drinking stella and doing other very british norms.. When in reality, we should both be picking up customarys from each other and living in peace, not slating them for keeping some of their traditions.
Rockrose - Of course.
I never suggested otherwise.
Replied to you on the thread that got me suspended.
RR all the immigrants that save thousands of lives a day because they're dedicated and educated in medicine where as 99% of millenials wouldn't dream of going into medicine because they're thick as muck.

All these jobs people saying that have been stolen, no one wants to do those jobs anyway.

People think they're owed something because they were born in the UK then say people can't come over and take what's theirs.. Did u work for it? Do you deserve it? Why is it your right but not theirs?
I'm not making it about religion.
It's about creeping Islam in our society.
It's about bombs and stabbings.
Actually, the accurate figures for Muslims claiming benefits make interesting reading.
what about the amount of muslims that pay taxes? Any idea how much tax muslims in the UK contribute to our society?
//natives (from UK) feel anyone who comes over should instantly start using cockney slang, eating fish and chips, drinking stella and doing other very british norms..//

How incredibly short-sighted. Don’t you ever wonder why similar criticism doesn’t extend to the followers of Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, etc? There has to be a reason. No?
Excellent point Naomi.
it does though...

how can you talk about immigration and subtly ONLY be referring to Muslims?? Delusional.
we're talking about multiculturalism, NOT muslims. Theland is saying multiculturalism is a failed experiment. So, that applies to all races and religion.

Your agenda is set on Muslims, seems one you just can't let go of.
Even so, not overly keen on sikhs carring kirpans.

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What May 2019 Will Bring? And What Not?

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