How Would You Make This Person's Life Different?

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Nameless14 | 13:39 Wed 02nd Jan 2019 | Society & Culture
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If you could control every single aspect of someone's life (excluding your own), whose life would you want to control in the same way authors control the fates of their original characters?


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ironic because i can control every aspect of my own life.. but that's the one we wish to exclude?

I've never been a control freak, in fact i prefer little control, control is pressure.. I'd rather get on with my own thing and on my own than controlling someone else..

But i mean, if we could control one person, surely the prime minister would be good? Maybe the queen? Or someone rich, so i can control them to put some ££ in me bank account.
Good question.
At the moment it would be Asia Bibi and her family. I would get them all out of Pakistan and into a safe country where they could live the rest of their lives in peace.
This is the only time I will respond to you.
I am never responding to you.
Who would you control if you could.....??
What Theland said ^^^
This is becoming tedious.
All depends on how you handle it, nails.

Hi, are you this evening?

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How Would You Make This Person's Life Different?

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