What Do You Think About The Wall That Trump Is Going To Build?

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Nameless14 | 17:41 Fri 04th Jan 2019 | Society & Culture
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According to somebody , ''it will be a nice wall -
it will be a beautiful wall ''
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Goodeee a blank canvass for Banksy
Just about to reply, then saw who asked the question.
Rather watch paint dry!
I don't generally think about it at all.

Nailit sends his love btw xx
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I think it's going to spoil the view
I rarely give it much thought but agree with Tambo, it should be decorated.
What wall might that be ?
Heard tell he was going to ask Mexico to fund one, but they've not been forthcoming with the readies.
I dont understand the problem with the wall to be honest, except for the cost of it!
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bet on a bot? yeah but no but

trump's core voters have told him he will be out if he dont do it by re election time.

does anyone think Nancy ('the nants') Pelosi is a bot
or at least a resurrection ?
It matters not one jot what anyone thinks about 'the wall' We can't influence the outcome....what do you think nameless?? Got to laugh at this nonsense.
I thought he's not going to build the wall. He hasn't been granted the money by Congress, and the Mexicans aren't going to pay for it.

What do you think, nameless?
I am sure it will be a plumb bob the builder job for somebody.

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What Do You Think About The Wall That Trump Is Going To Build?

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