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GirlySam | 15:50 Tue 13th Dec 2005 | Shopping & Style
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To my astonishment, I`ve just seen on the news that Primark are planning to open their first store in London (Oxford Street area). Please can we have all your comments to prove that for once the rest of the country have been enjoying better shopping than London. Sorry Gosport - not open there yet.


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There's a Primark in Harrow on the Hill and that's in London. They took over the old C&A store when they closed all their shops in England.
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Apologies for being misinformed. I was surprised when I read that they did not have any stores in London, but took it to be correct. The news items may of course referred to central London only without making it clear.
I have to admit GirlySam, I haven't seen any others though!
Primark have been in Barnsley for years ~ but that's hardly surprising; their fiercest competition there is Oxfam.
i love primark its ace. why cant all shops be as cheap!!
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There is a Primark in Kilburn and in Wembley ( well if you count Harrow on the Hill as London, Wembley must qualify too) and I know there is one at Hammersmith W6. I think it must have meant Central London as I have been enjoying the delights of Primark for ages now.

When you say better shopping what do you mean. The reason primark is so cheap is because the products are cheap and of a throw away nature.

When you see the prices they charge for some things it really makes you wonder if all the goods are being manufactured in sweat-shops.

While I'm not averse to picking up a bargain or two I think that primark is pretty crap....their stuff is usually poorly made and rarely survives the first wash!

Yes, its just the Oxford Street branch, London is split into lots of boroughs and my borough of London has had a Primark for many years now.

Re some of the comments: Primark has some good stuff and some rubbish but you have to go every week to check up if there is anything worth buying. I bought a lovely top in the summer and it is a nice design and you wouldn't know it was Primark. I have noticed their sequinned tops are cheap. Imagine all that work for a top that only cost �4. The sizes are bad in Primark, I often don't buy something because its either too big or too small. It is fun looking though as long as it is before the rush starts.

There's also a 2 floor Primark In Hammersmith which is W6 postcode

Saw a program about Primark the other day and it seems that they are expanding on the back of a fashion season with lots of loose/floaty designs they also had a lot of luck with their army style jacket covered by Vogue. I'm guessing that the minute they are required to actually tailor clothing to fit people they'll fall flat on their face.

There's a Primark in Lewisham as well whick is SE London. I like it particularly for home furnishings - got some really nice big cushions there for a fiver each.
theres a primark in birmingham ive had some really good stuff and some really crap stuff like im sure other people have had from many different shops. when i buy like a casual t.shirt from primark i have to buy a size 16 or 16/18 and im a size 12!!

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