Returning faulty goods

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gedk | 14:53 Tue 13th Dec 2005 | Shopping & Style
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Some advice please from all you knowledgable ABers! I bought a cardigan as a Christmas present on 28/11. I left the item in its bag and did not check it when I got it home. When I came to wrap it up last night I noticed that it has a hole in it> The item was not marked as being a second or damaged in any way and nor was there any reduction in the price. My question is will I still be able to get a refund as almost a month has passed since I bought the item? I have checked some sites on the net but they all mention about returning faulty goods within a "reasonable" amount of time in order to receive a refund, however what is reasonable? I do have the receipt and the label is still attached to the garment.

Any advice much appreciated so I can go well armed to the shop (which is a market stall by the way so I am anticipating problems)


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I think your whole question is really summed up in the last sentence - i.e. market stall. As such it is likely that you would have a problem 15minutes after you bought it let alone 15 days. Two weeks is not an unusual length of time in which to return faulty goods. Should anyone return unused goods to me even six months later, which were faulty, they would get an instant refund. Obviously, you have a legal right to return the goods and demand a refund, which is what you should do in the first place. If you have any problem, I should resort to Trading Standards without any delay. Many market traders seem to take the view that they can get away with not honouring their commitments but the truth is they cannot.
The goods have to be of satisfactory merchantable quality unless marked otherwise - if they do not give you a refund then go to trading standards
I think you will have a fight on your hands as its a markets stall and they will do has they want but saying that you are still within your rights it is faulty so i belive you should get a refund but then you have to convince the guy on the stall, but before you go in find out your rights first and keep calm the more you shout the more they will say no!!!! bring them down a peg or two.
Whether it's a market stall or retail outlet, the goods sold have to be of merchantable quality which your purchase clearly isn't. Don't take "No" for an answer. Before you see the stallholder, try to find out from another stallholder who is in charge of the market and tell your seller that you will make a complaint to the official concerned if you don't get your refund. And then, if you've got the nerve, stand in front of his stall and keep calling out in a loud voice "Don't buy anything here. He doesn't give refunds for shoddy goods..." or words to that effect...!!! Do that on a busy Saturday and he might quickly find it's better business to give you a refund than to have all his potential customers giving him a wide berth !!!

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Returning faulty goods

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