Does Anyone Have One Of These?

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pastafreak | 17:46 Wed 13th Oct 2021 | Shopping
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A new scratching place?
No, I've never sat in one but that link also shows the Pello which I did have the misfortune to sit on and ended with a bad scald, two black eyes, a cut hand and very nearly a broken nose.
its a chair isnt it?
I hve one of the ones with motors and footplates
and they are very good
Question Author
Actually, Toby doesn't destroy furniture...yet.
Wolf, have you seen today's post in A and N ...more Toby progress :)
oh is the pello the one which acts like a Roman Ballista?
sort of chucks you outta the chair and around the room?
Question Author
Oi! I'm not ready for one of those.
I should imagine it is comfortable as it is like the ones they have in old folks homes.
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Lol Barsel!
That's what put me off when I first saw it a few years ago. But I love looking at Pinterest and interiors sites and I see it a lot...and looking trendy.
I think you are probably right pasta, they probably are trendy now. Especially with Blue and mustardy yellow colours.
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It also comes in a deep forest/turquoise green....
Yes, I have got one.

I would caution that you get what you pay for. It's OK, but certainly not sumptuous. You need to put some soft cushions either side to support you.

It has shorter feet at the back to tilt it back, but I find the tilt a little excessive.
I therefore researched the fittings and bought four replacement legs, all higher than the original ones.

It comes completely dismantled and took quite some effort to build.

If you can get to an IKEA, they will have a display model to try.

Similar thing at Argos in different colours.
Bit of a supply issue there at Argos, it appears to be out of stock.

IKEA are also suffering supply issues, but I don't know if it affects this chair
They appear to be in stock in most stores. If you register for an IKEA family card, you get it for £179.
There is one on display at my nearest Argos and it's mustard yellow with a blue teal throw draped across it.
Question Author
I have another Ikea chair...the Stocksund. I chose it over the wing chair and sometimes wish I hadn't. I built that one and it wasn't too bad. I'd really like something with a higher back.
There's all sorts of hacks on the internet to make Ikea chairs more comfortable.

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Does Anyone Have One Of These?

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