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Dagman | 11:27 Fri 29th May 2020 | Shopping
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Hi folks, anyone know the cheapest ink cartridge supplier? I need hp301 cartridges but they are so expensive. The printer wont take non originals either! I cant use the printer much so the ink dries out often, that it makes it uneconomic. Any cheap suppliers? Ive scoured the net but not found the magic one yet! TIA.


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I have used the ones in the link below for a number of years now.
I get mine here:

They do manufactures' genuine cartridges as well as compatible.
That's dearer than Amazon and Argos unless it has more ink
Stinkyink is dearer too for original. It certainly pays to shop around. My HP does very well with Office World compatibles but their originals aren't so cheap
Your printer should accept third-party inks as long as the firm producing the cartridges has reset the chips in them.

The company I normally buy my inks from, Inkredible, is currently out of stock of all HP 301 inks. My back-up supplier is a bit cheaper than some other places though:

Realistically though, it might work out far cheaper in the long run to buy another printer (which wouldn't necessarily cost more than the equivalent of a couple of HP 301 cartridges anyway) and to do your research first to find one which uses cheap inks. For example, I pay just £14.41 for a full set of all FIVE cartridges for my Canon printer (with that price dropping as low as £12.89 if I buy in bulk).
I have used 999inks for a few years (I believe Minty recommended them) Their compatibles are good quality ink and reasonable. The despatch/order time is fast. I use HP364s on my HP photosmart 5520 series which came out the ark.Sure I get the pop up from HP telling me I'm a naughty boy but I just ignore them and they go away. No complaints from me. So reasonable I always keep a spare set of four in hand.
I became fed up with inkjet printers and boughtt a Samsung ML-2165W black and white laser printer; quite cheap and there may be better cheaper ones now. It uses toner instead of ink, and a toner cartridge lasts a long time (I don't print a lot). It doesn't have liquid ink problems and it's very fast. Obviously not good for colour photos.
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Thanks all so much, a few to check out. Ive bought non hp before and despite seller assuring me they work, sadly they usually dont, so not worth the faff. Youre right Buenchico, I once actually did buy a second Olivetti printer, it came with 4 sets of cartridges and was cheaper by about £50. How does that work then?
My boiler has now suddenly popped its pcb so I'll have to deal with that first(doh!) Such fun...
I`d agree with Atheist, printers are so much cheaper and better featured now why stick it out with an expensive to run one.
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You're right but so far it has been a good all rounder, hp deskjet 1050a, the ink prices have rocketed I think because its such a generic cartridge with a big use over their many printers. I believe it is more expensive than gold!!! Ridiculous when you think how much ink would be used one newspaper (a cartridge worth?) probably a different kind but still...
Whenever I buy a printer, I always consider the total cost of ownership (which includes ink for the life of the product). For many inkjets the cost of a new set of cartridges is similar to that of the printer itself.

Traditionally I have brought Epson printers, although the original manufacturer cartridges are expensive, invariably there are ebay sellers selling compatibles at less than £1 each.

If you don’t print that often (which can cause problems for inkjets), then consider a laser printer. Check out the price of toner cartridges and the claimed number of prints – this can work out at less than 2p per print (based on typical coverage area).
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Laserjet may be the way to go. Come to think of it, I dont print photos as much these days except for the odd photoframe. Usually its stuff like insurance papers or online tickets etc. I'll start browsing the ones on offer once this boiler is sorted, thanks all!

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