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Gef | 21:37 Thu 18th Jan 2007 | Seasonal
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What do you prefer for next Thursday? A pork based haggis or a lamb based one?


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I wasn't aware we had that choice.
I always avoid the tinned ones though - they blunt the knife and are liable to roll off the plate whilst being piped in.
Hi Gef , You being a chemist and a Scot of a certain vintage, You wouldn't know a Robin Murray by any chance? (Just ignore me if I'm putting 2 and 2 together and making 55)
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Hi gen, I'm afraid I don't (or at least I don't remember, lol).

As for the haggis, I noticed in the supermarket tonight that Halls seem to use pork bits but McSweens and others use lamb bits and I can't remember which type I had last year. I have a feeling that lamb is more traditional.

By the way, I'm not really Scottish although I have lived here for about two-thirds of my life.
i reckon lamb based haggis is much nicer. do you know anything about a whiskey sauce to serve with haggis? i've heard of it, but not tried it. is it nice?
Pork haggis??? Rabbie must be rotating in his grave at about 3000 rpm!!
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Exactly heathfield. I love haggis and always thought it was lamb based. I've never looked at the ingredients before and was surprised to see pork. Had another look tonight and noticed that some of the lamb based ones also contain beef. Think I will seek out a local butcher who makes his own and ask what he uses.

Daisy I've never seen a sauce served with haggis but I do pour a dram of good malt whisky over it once it's on my plate.
daisy d

one doesn't insult the scots by putting whiskey near the haggis

if you are well to do start with a lowland malt and finish with a lagavulin 16 yr it is a dream no ice no water drink the first half through the nostrils not the liquid but the bouquet and then the malt itself

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