what the hell

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steve2010 | 21:34 Thu 18th Jan 2007 | Seasonal
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another stupid catogry,what is this editor up to.


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Why's it stupid?

Throughout the year each section of this category will be relevant.

And I will of course be sitting by my post box waiting for my Valentine's card- you are sending me one, right?
seems a great idea, under seasonal we can send birthday , anniversary, whatever greetings!
then with the sub topics , send greetings and ask whatever relevant questions need asking for that time of year. i like it :-)
steve2010 - The 'stupid' category was suggested by ME & the AB Ed granted it - any further comments?

Stupid - makes me wonder how I've survived on AB since Sep 2002!!!!
P.S. Glad you like it BOO & allotment10.

Now let's see how long it takes for 'stupid' people to ruin it!
I am very pleased with this category - if steve2010 doesn't like it, then he doesn't have to read it. Well done smudge and ABEd.
Hi Neti - nice to 'see' you & thank you too. ^8^

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what the hell

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