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World Volcanic Activity

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Hymie | 09:08 Mon 04th Dec 2023 | Science
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Have you noticed that when there is a report of a volcanic eruption somewhere in the world, there is usually heighten volcanic activity reported elsewhere?


At present there is increased recent volcanic activity in Iceland, Italy, Hawaii, Papua New Guinea and Japan to name just a few – to my mind there must be some connection, perhaps the earth’s magma is coming under increased pressure (for some reason) which is released at weak points around the surface of the planet.


Check out this Smithsonian report of recent volcanic activity which includes a large number of events for 2023.



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The plates move continually, always have always will.

Also the Earth continues to change, always has always will.  It is not stable and never will be.

That damn brexit!

Oh it's coming under increased pressure all right. The human population keeps increasing, and so so many are overweight or obese, what can you expect ?  Bound to all collapse soon.

I studied Tectonic Plate movement with the Open University way back in the 80s. A very fascinating subject.

A right













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World Volcanic Activity

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