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The Pentagon's Uap Task Force.

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Atheist | 16:17 Tue 28th Nov 2023 | Science
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Has anyone viewed this document? I can't make out whether or not it's rubbish. I've posted in Science, but I'm not sure it's where it should be.




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Question Author

My link goes to a page with a "view PDF" buttonm which enables you to download the whole thing.

That's the new woke acronym for UFOs isn't it ?

I think it's just the more accurate acronym OG. I'd struggle to determine any kind of wokeness about it.

Question Author

OG.Why bring 'woke' into this? I know you're being 'light-hearted' but I was hoping for sensible comment.

Sorry, OG. I think I've lost my sense of humour. I can only blame it on the influence of (some of) AB.

I think that it's strange that this kind of thing seems to happen only in/over the USA. The authorities there appear to be almost paranoid about unidentified flying objects, and every one of them is looked at in great detail by learned people. I haven't heard of these flying things being seen over other countries.

Question Author

Bookie... China, Russia, and many other countries are very interested in this stuff.

France has had a lot of experience. Belgium had the triangle wave in the eighties.

But, it's all way away from what sensible people think about.

The lovely fragrant Naomi  has a bit of an open mind on such topics.

Question Author

Bookie... Uk has had loads of stuff. It's not all as mad as you might think.

Changing words for the sake of it seems a most woke desire to me. I don't see the original being inaccurate.

I'm sure most governments would investigate. It'd be irresponsible not to.

Indeed, OG. Our current lot have taken the matter very seriously, mobilising parish councils to identify binocular owners, ask them to scan the skies and keep a record of sightings in a jotter, covered with wallpaper of course.

Question Author

Dougie; Do you know anyone who says that they've see a UFO?

I think you mean UAP, grandad, and yes, I do. x

I didn't see the point of the name change either - and I've seen one.

I've seen the "Tic-Tac" video before and there is nothing about it, in my opinion, to suggest aliens. The fact is that we don't know what our govt, any govt, is getting up to with experimental projects. We don't need to know, and they aint telling. 

We've heard about recovery teams and moves for "downed" UFO's, but these teams are always men in unmarked uniforms or suits; trucks; helicopters etc. Nothing to suggest aliens. If something goes wrong with one of these projects, it makes sense to have recovery teams in place. 

I can't remember who said it, but one quote said that when you've eliminated all the hoaxes, the fake photos of hub caps etc., what you have left is the American military.  

Question Author

Or Russia, or China.

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The Pentagon's Uap Task Force.

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