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Jim Al-Khalili

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vascop | 23:16 Fri 18th Mar 2016 | Science
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Don't miss Jim's 2 programmes : the Beginning and End of the Universe - first one next Tuesday on BBC4.


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Ta. :-)
many thanks vasco

I got for christmas his book on arab science
n view of the violence and intolerance
hard to think that there was a golden age 800 - 1200
where the Arabs kept the torch alight .... and why they did so
You may also like '7 ages of starlight' you can view it online if you missed it.
Mind blowing stuff!
I like Jim ! His programs on Radio Four are always worth listening too.
Oh. So much for posting bbc iplayer links. I'll try shoving it in the YouTube box then. Media URL:
excellent prog
thanks vascop

I was aware that LeMaitre was 'there first'
but not sort of that it was so well written up

The im[prtant bit of LeMaitre's paper ( universe expanding ) was not translated from the French but Eddington was involved so it may have been intentional and [second thoughts not such a good idea at all ]not just a whoopsie.

I think also Einsteen re wrote history when he found he was wrong.
"La mathematique est tres bien mais la physique est abominaaaaaable" strikes me that he was determined to have a static universe with lamdy > 0

and then when he found lamdy = 0, he did the 'o yes yes my greatest mistake. ' routine when in fact at the time he intended it

very good suggested programme - thanks

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Jim Al-Khalili

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