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Lie-in King | 16:37 Thu 29th Jan 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hi everyone! Several of you have asked recently after the health of my dearest friend Anne & I'd like to report back now, having spoken to her last night.

She & her partner have just returned from a short break in Lanzarote, where unfortunately it rained constantly! However, it didn't spoil the trip & she's returned feeling rested & refreshed.

She's still on her hormone therapy course, but her doctors have decided that they need to adopt a more aggressive posture with regard to the cancers. She's now scheduled for an intensive course of chemotherapy, beginning on 11th February & lasting (initially) for 5 weeks � 1 week on, 1 week off.

Naturally, she's not looking forward to the treatments, but refuses to let it get her down - "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"

I'll be seeing her next week & shall, of course, pass on all the messages that you've been kind enough to post since she last spoke to you.

Please accept my apologies for using Q&P as a mini CB, but for most of the people that expressed an interest, this is their natural habitat!

As always, my good friends, many thanks for your continued support of Anne � it is much appreciated!

Lie-in King & Anne xx


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Oops! I should have said that I can�t stop now, but I�ll be back later on! :-)
I shall keep her in my prays and I'll light candles for her too. Give her my very best wishes and please keep us up to date with her progress. Jools xx
Send my thoughts to Anne too please yer maj.
Chemo is tough but with all the support around her and her obvious inner strength she will cope, I am sure.

Mamya xx
Give her my best wishes please - I know what she is going through but the light at the end of the tunnel will get her there. God Bless. Jean
Question Author
Cheers guys & guyesses! :-))
Very best wishes to Anne, Partner and You ,Lie-in-King,
From Tallulah.
My friends wife (also Ann but without the E) is going though this and as you know lie-in they have good days and bad.All we can do is be there when they need a helping hand and hope for the best
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More cheers! :-))

I hope everyone will accept my apologies for seeming to flit hither & yon, but I've quite a lot of phone calls to get through & as I'm stuck in the Dark Ages - just call me Arthur! - with dial-up, I've not much choice!

...And no, (especially to Harry), "Arthur" is not my name... :-)
Give my love and best wishes to Ann and her partner ,tell them I am thinking of them and wish her well with her forthcoming treatment .Suexx
Question Author
Thank you Sue!

Makes note - now knows bibster's a girl... :-)
Just want to add my good wishes to your friend Anne,her partner and yourself Lie-in King.Our friend is going through
treatment at the moment,and he says that the support of family and friends helps him so much. Joanx

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