The K M Links Game - February 2021 Week 2

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seekeerz | 03:37 Mon 15th Feb 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - now don't swoon !! I know I'm early by recent standards but don't go rushing to conclusions ....NO the current problem has not been solved but by devious means i have acquired the matches hence ....I'm here !!

Yellow Pages
Fish Slice
Primrose Path
Mary rose/Rose Mary

Very slim pickings this round .....KETTLEDRUM selected Fish Slice and collected the 2 Bonus Points, CPFCROSIE & LYSANDER also both scored 3 points for their two correct matches .....and that was about as far as it went apart from the sprinkling of single points, and not many of those ....

So the midway LEADER BOARD looks like this ......

6 points - cpfcrosie, jollyroger66 & Lysander

3 points - kettledrum & Sam1960

2 points - brizzer, Fibonacci &, MargoTester

1 point - 24 players

So Congratulations to all the lucky points scorers so far ....looks like this might be a quiet month.....

And just a word of caution at this point ....unless things can be resolved here, I may have to resign from my position of whatever in charge after this month ....up until now the whole system has run very sweetly and fitted into my life very neatly but the last few weeks have been some what chaotic even with the sterling assistance from the 'gang' and this may well be my swan song .....I hope not, but we'll see.

Till next week, stay safe & take care, cheers, Steff


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Thanks Steff. Please don't stop your gang will be devastated, this thread is an integral part of Answerbank. Is there anything we can do to help?
Smeg all for me and Mag... however please do take care Seekeerz Xx
Oh well. Thanks Steff.
steff, that would be a shame if you have to relinquish your great role. You are the nicest "whatever in charge position" on this whole site.I can understand your feelings though. Thank you for all your efforts, even though I rarely bother you with the scoring side ;)
Ahhh Steff, I hope this is not your swan song, I start doing KM Links with you and enjoy them every week
Even though I rarely trouble the score sheet I do look forward to to trying

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The K M Links Game - February 2021 Week 2

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