The K M Links Game - February 2021 Week 4 And Final Results

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seekeerz | 02:15 Mon 01st Mar 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - quite cool and very autumny here, time to think about wood fires and woollies ....I love it !!

While there wasnt an avalanche of points to round out this game, at least all the matches were made and I managed to not lose my head ....absolute bargain, these days !!

Tie Back
Wood Wind
Runner Bean
High Street

Thank heaven for runner beans, I say !!

The STAR TURN came from ROSE MAYBUD who collected 6 points for her three correct matches, closely followed by ARKSIDED, DUCKSIE, CANDICE MARIE & MAGYAR adding 3 points each to their tallies .....nice going, gang!!

A lot of single points were also added, mostly by chasing runner beans, which were also instrumental in quite an exodus from the Club rooms ....all good, all good !!

Now, as it's Monday and mad, in this household, I shall head off now to the scoring dept, and hopefully be back shortly ......


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The final LEADER BOARD ......

13 points - Lysander

10 points - jollyroger66

8 points - dannyk13 & Rose Maybud

7 points - Sam1960

6 points - cpfcrosie

5 points - ducksie & JJ109

4 points - brizzer, Candice Marie, kettledrum, Magyar, MargoTester & Shazza H.

3 points - aelmpvw, abi77, Arksided, Bugsy, cliffyg, haras2, hellomummy, Gill G, murraymints, roslyn251254, seekeerz, teacher1 & tonyav.

2 points - Buenchico, Butterbun. Chiefpanda, choux, CricDram, elliemay1, emmie, Elspeth, Fibonacci, jobjockey, karamia, Lady Jo, Muzz, owllady, petland, SharonA, tearinghair, toaster & waterboatman.

1 point - anikomo, Chris H, fordward, Lozzy, Jean G, jillywiskas, Kawakiri, Mozz71, patsy33, rockfordill, twix123 & weecalf.

Congratulations to all the points scorers for the month, it hasn't been the easiest, but we all got there in the end.....till next time, stay safe, Cheers, Steff

Well done, Lysander, and thanks, Steff.

Mental note to self - grow runner beans this year. Last year when the rest of the country was baking bread and growing vegetables, I was sewing scrubs..
2 points wonderful...
Well done Lysander, thanks Steff, room for improvement!! During March
That's brilliant to see my name in caps, how did I manage that one - really delighted, thanks Steff :)
Many thanks Seekeerz. The crystal ball still working despite lockdown and self isolation!! Regards Lysander
I had Runner bean and High Street which would be 3 points this week. Not sure if I had any in previous weeks but still a lousy score!!
Congratulations Lysander and thanks Steff
Question Author
Omg Ellie, you must think I’ve really got it in for you ...,I’m always doing this to you ...,quite right , 3 points for 2 correct, for a total of 4 - I’d better break out the sackcloth & ashes :((
Well done Lysander and all the point scorers.

Going back to my true form and leaving it until the last week, I'm happy with my three points.

Thank you Seekeerz.

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The K M Links Game - February 2021 Week 4 And Final Results

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