The K M Links Game - February 2021 Week 3 Results

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seekeerz | 02:47 Mon 22nd Feb 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - cool and overcast here, but I'm not complaining, at least we're getting a cooler spell for a while and my garden might recover !!
Thoroughly enjoyed my birthday yesterday, catching up with my sister and a close friend I've not seen a lot over the past year .... Just not adding any more numbers !!

Now for the links ....

Hop Scotch
King Post ...yes I had to look it up
Space Bar
Bell Tent

The STAR TURNS came from DANNYK13 and LYSANDER who both collected 6 points for their three correct matches....and there was I thinking the one match was going begging, but right at the end, just like last week, there was KETTLEDRUM finding the one remaining match - King Post - to collect the Bonus Points again for a total of 4 points. Good going, gang !!

Then lots of players gathered in a point, playing Hop Scotch mostly, and created quite an exodus from the Club rooms, so all in all not a bad round at all.

Now all that remains is for a bumper week next time to round out this month nicely ....


12 points - Lysander

9 points - jollyroger66

7 points - dannyk13 and kettledrum

6 points - cpfcrosie, & Sam1960

4 points - JJ109 & Shazza H

Next week will have the big printout and you can see where you finished, though I'm betting you know exactly where you are right now, but as today is on of my Mad Mondays I'll have to leave it there.

Congratulations to all the points scorers this week, keep up the good work, and till I see you next, stay safe, Cheers, Steff


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Thank you Seekeerz... Space weavil it is next time for sure.Xx Outerspace... what were I thinking.
Question Author
I’m beginning to believe you could be right Arky !!
Please,miss.... I matched King Post too!! (At last....)

Don't worry about adjusting the scores ;)

Thanks as always. Well done to the leaders.
one i believe, oh well
Steph, I think that the answer may be Robert Bolt not Post, giving the link as Kingbolt or a Kingpin.

Best, Chris
Question Author
Oh dear .....think I've reached retiring age :((.

I wrote 'bolt' on my crossword - and also on my scoresheet - where the hell did 'post' come from :(((

Ok I'll go sort it out
Question Author
Ok ....nobody had King Bolt I'll have to pinch the extra points back from kettledrum.....

Apologies everyone.
No adjustments required for me, a consistent nil points
Is one of the links king bolt then?
Thanks Steff. May I take this opportunity to wish you a very belated Happy Birthday.

Nil points once again this week, and I don't think that I have troubled your scoresheet at all this month, but at least we will be allowed back on to the golf course eventually next month!
Something's gone wrong! I got one right!

Mind you, it probably just shows how little imagination I have. Asked to find a word to go with 'space', I just looked at what was directly in front of me ;-)

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The K M Links Game - February 2021 Week 3 Results

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