The K M Links Game - February 2021 Week 2 Results

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seekeerz | 05:48 Mon 08th Feb 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Or it will be, after Danny has had a chance to post the matches and then for me to get busy & sort it all out.
I realise that entries have been spread over two threads so I’ll try not to miss anyone out.
I sincerely hope that by next week end everything will be back to normal - in the meantime thanks to everyone who has helped out.


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No, DON'T get back to normal, please!

'Normal' just means me scoring sweet f. a. week after week!

Question Author
well I could use a bit of normal right now - finally managed to get a copy of your Baffler printed - a lot of paper and swear words later - and I'm missing my weekend puzzles very much - that's about all the normal I need :))
Here you are Steff:-
Brain storm
Test tube
Cherry tomato
Double Bill
hmm one for me !
Question Author
And one for me too, minty :))

Thanks Danny, much appreciated...Ta !!
Also one for me.
Question Author
I'm back !! And I have results, but before I get to those, just to reassure you all ...this is only week 1 for February ....just me getting ahead of myself !!

As Danny posted, the matches are....

Brain Storm
Test Tube
Cherry Tomato
Double Bill

And our STAR TURN came from JOLLYROGER66 Who raked in 6 points for his three correct matches ...lovely way to start the new round.

Closely followed by LYSANDER & CPFCROSIE both picking up 3 points for two correct, while 24 players collected a single point.

So the baby LEADER BOARD looks like this...

6 points - jollyroger66

3 points - cpfcrosie & Lysander

1 point - 24 players

Ok a quiet start to this month, but Congratulations to all the points scorers, and hopefully more to come in the weeks to follow.....for now, stay safe, Cheers, Steff

Thank you, Steff and Danny ... Danny, may I ask, please, whether the k13 refers to a model of glider?
Back to normal, nil points for moi.
Nil point too, mind you it helps if you remember to enter!
Rose, the k refers to Kaye(surname) and 13 is my lucky number.
Thanks, Danny, I was reading far too much into it. Since Himself has taken up gliding as a retirement hobby, he talks about K21s and the like...lost on me.. K13 is a glider too... Not that he has done any gliding since lockdown last year :(( Best wishes
Thanks Steff,

Just pleased to be on the scoreboard !
nope nowt for me this week
If my scores continue at this rate, people are gonna start confusing me with Buenchico. ;-)
Nada! :-)
You missed one Steff.
Hope this finds you well.

Stay safe xx
No points again, I did break the news gently to my neighbour (Mag) new player :-)
Question Author
Oh help !! What did i miss Sam ?
Question Author
Oh shoes !! Sorry Sam :(( will fix.

And welcome Arky's neighbour, Mag.

Dickie - thank you, I was wondering :))

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The K M Links Game - February 2021 Week 2 Results

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