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What Are These Songs Please?

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Dusty Bin | 12:16 Mon 06th May 2024 | Music
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Yes, I know all about Shazam and similar apps that would help me, but I heard these songs playing on Asda's in-house radio when I didn't have my phone with me and I would love to know what they are and who sings them. The sound quality from the ceiling-mounted speakers wasn't brilliant and I know that these aren't the exact words of the first song, but they were something like (with possible alternatives in brackets): - 

"I see (feel) you touch me when you think I'm.." and the next word could be "jealous", I'm really not sure.

What I can say is that it's a young-sounding female singer, it's a pop song with quite a slow tempo and this one line of lyrics repeats over and over, perhaps four to six times in a row, maybe more.

The second song sounds like it could be by an all-female group and the only line I caught from the chorus was what sounded like "I heart you" being repeated many times towards the end of the song. It may even be by the same artist as the first one above...pop song, medium paced, just a bit faster than the former,

I'd love to know what they both could be...and yes, next time I'm in the supermarket, I'll take my phone in with me!



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Any of these?


Question Author

Sadly not, but I appreciate your trying to help :)

How deep is your love? Bee gees?

 Why not go and talk to someone at the supermarket. At reception tell them you like it and who there who put the song on their radio?

Look at their Playlist - Google Asda playlist.


Question Author

Definitely NOT the Bee Gees lol

Asda playlists can be found on Spotify if you look.

"I heart you" ?



Question Author

@THECORBYLOON  Sorry I thought I had acknowledged your reply, but unfortunately not. Apologies - you had the right sort of singer, but not that song as I shall explain.

So I was back in Asda over the weekend an on two different days they played these two songs again and this time I had my phone was able to Shazam them both...with mixed results. The second song was identified as "I Heart You" (makes sense considering the lyrics in the chorus!) by Abbey Scott. I've never heard of her before and the song dates back to 2018 so has been around for nearly 6 years! So got one (happy!), but Shazam could not detect the other song, which I described first in my original post. Listening more carefully to the VERY limited lyrics, it sounded more like "I see you catch the rain on my pillow", but I'm still no wiser to what this song is sadly! I'd love some help, please!



Taylor Swift -Happiness?

"But now my eyes leak acid rain on the pillow where you used to lay your head"

"I  catch the rain for you". Not  a great match i know

Question Author

Thank you for those suggestions but each one has verses and a chorus, whereas this song I'm searching for only has one line of lyrics that is repeated either in part or in full over and over, but I appreciate you trying to help. Cheers! 

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What Are These Songs Please?

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