Birds Of Britain

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kirkcudbright | 09:57 Fri 08th Aug 2014 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Inspired Wagner. Any suggestions?


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Did he do the Thieving Magpie (excuse my ignorance If that's a silly suggestion)
Ignore that -I'm sure he didn't- he was more of an opera man (Wagner's Ring)
for FF. Thieving Magpie - Rossini
Does it have to be a bird or something Flying Related- as Wagner wrote The Flying Dutchman
is that the whole clue ?
in siegfried he mentions a woodbird several times.
can you explain jomifl?
Of course not Prudie but given the lack of information in the clue it seems as good as any and better than some.
Woodbird (as suggested by mallyh) is a character in Der Ring des Nibelungen so that's the best I can do.
Ring Ouzel ?
Good shout, Canary. Hopefully kirkudbright will look in and confirm that this is the exact clue
And leading on from Canary's idea -Ringtail (another name for the hen-harrier) Ring tale??
2 unlikely possibilities:-

Crow - was an American band with lead singer David Wagner

Eagle - Josef Franz Wagner, an Austrian composer, best known for "Under the Double Eagle" which refers to the double eagle in the coat of arms of Austria-Hungary. I've included the video because it is quite a well-known tune.
Seems the operas were named Ring after an actual finger ring though and woodbird is not the accepted name of a British bird. Having looked through the works of Wagner to no avail I actually think bibble's suggestion of Crow is brilliant. It's a band most people of heard of and there was no specific reason for us to assume we are talking Richard Wagner.
..have heard of :-)
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That's the whole clue, none of the answers are related and doesn't give number of letters! Thanks for suggestions

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Birds Of Britain

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