MM Links Solutions April 2011 [Week 4]

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crofter | 17:59 Sun 24th Apr 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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We start by wishing “The Count” (aka middlestump) a very Happy Birthday on reaching the score of 60 “not out”. Many of us are “recycled teenagers” and trying to grow old as disgracefully as we can! Mrs Crofter is taking to early retirement like a fish to water. I think she better understands my personal “mind set” of enjoying the moment every day and do what you can (in the garden).

“The Count” had two memorable events to celebrate. Apart from reaching the tender age of 60, he celebrated “Saint George’s Day” and chose the following link words:

Dragon BOAT
Saint HOOD

As far as scoring went, for Week[4] it was “steady as she goes”.



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Regular, tearinghair, launched in with her DRAGON BOAT to take her current tally of Three Points up to FIVE and began to breathe down the collars of last week’s leaders. Five entries on and Pauline (with her DRAGON FLY logo) tried to fool us all by claiming SAINT HOOD for a second TWO POINTS. She was immediately followed by centrino who was found as a stowaway on tearinghair’s Dragon Boat (for another Two Points).

At 09.03, the mighty lysander was impressive with BUS SHELTER together with Saint Hood for FOUR POINTS and (not for the first time) claimed the prestigious title of HOT SHOT OF THE WEEK.
*** Let trumpets sound and canons roar ***
*** The peasants cheer and shout “Encore” ***

With three hits found, there was still time for Aquagility to sneak in before the clock called “Time” on early bonus points. Thereafter came a long delay before Elspeth opened the KHYBER PASS for TWO POINTS and extra traffic. It was now time for single-point scorers to make their appearance, as Handbaglady, albaqwerty (well done!), boxtops, cupid04, joto & x-ray made their mark. In the midst of all this, the Canadians came on the scene and Mr Ont-ice tried to sail his Dragon Boat up the Khyber Pass ~ an awesome task well worth Two Points.
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The League Table after this fourth week is:

EIGHT POINTS: Aquagility
SIX POINTS: deecee131 & lysander
FIVE POINTS: Elspeth & tearinghair
FOUR POINTS: centrino, Christiana, Dinkypuzzled, Mrs Ont-ice, owllady, rockfordill & Strix
THREE POINTS: evsajo, Jools, kawakiri & Mr Ont-ice
TWO POINTS: beejay1124, boxtops, cliffyg, cupid04, freebi, grannydi, joto, kettledrum, ladyalex, LaneyB, patchett, paulineward, SHAZZA, wickedtongue & x-ray
ONE POINT: albaqwerty, ChrisHewit, Eiggam, fordward, Handbaglady, Jim, jobjockey, mirandasmum & seekeerz

With four weeks down and one to go, the April League Table looks remarkably healthy in spite of the various ups and downs of the helter-skelter ride set by “The Count”. Several of the regulars have managed to hold on in there and newcomer albaqwerty reached the scoreboard for the first time (but not the last I’ll wager). With only one week left, there is still time to for several players to make a killing!

I can’t wait for final act of this dramatic game.

Until we meet up again: HAPPY LINKING!

Think I have "lost the plot" No points at all this month, think the sun has got to my brain. Well done all the point scorers
I'm fighting back a giggle at the thought of trying to get a dragon boat up the khyber pass. For any readers not understanding why, maybe I can prompt you to look up 'Khyber Pass' in a cockney rhyming slang dictionary.
Thanks for the birthday wishes, Crofter - I was beginning to think that no-one bothered to read my literary outpouring ;-). My depression will start to set in at midnight tomorrow.
many happy returns middle x

Woohoo a point :)

(I'm addicted to this and KM links too now)
Nothing for me again, but, that's life...

Well done all the points scorers , especially lysander.
Thanks to crofter and the Count
Thanks crofter and Your Countship, and well done to all scorers.
Thank you - my Khyber came in good after all!!
"With only one week left, there is still time to for several players to make a killing!"
How could you, Crofter. Don't encourage the competition at this late stage!
Many thanks for the drum roll etc. Don't worry Aquagility i won;t be making the killing!
Thanks Count and crofter.....for nothing! Well done all the point scorers. Aq, you have nothing to worry about from me, unless I were to make a clean sweep of double points, as I'm still in the freefall club!!

p.s. Happy Birthday Count Middlestump, although you're still a youngster!
Thanks Crofter..

Many Happy Returns middlestump!
Well at least i got a point this week. Well done everyone who managed to score points. The Count is obviously very devious in his choice of links.

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