MM Links Solutions April 2011 [Week 5]

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crofter | 18:00 Sun 01st May 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I must begin by congratulating “The Count” (aka middlestump) for a very successful month as the Royal Setter of MM Links. Apart from editing his submissions into the accepted format, I have had very little to do for a whole month. I note also (with some relief) that my subeditor (gen2) is back in the UK following an extended trip to the far reaches of the nether oceans.

“The Count” had two additional memorable events to celebrate at the end of April, namely “The Royal Wedding” and “Queen’s Day in The Netherlands”. Adopting a somewhat acerbic line, he went with the following link words:

DRAG Queen

Well, he has admitted to not being an out-and-out Royalist. Would this change in outlook better favour some of our more aggressive players?



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Our first success came via DAY DREAMER, Dinkypuzzled, who claimed TWO POINTS as third entrant. He was followed by Christiana (who should know better) with her SHOTGUN WEDDING for TWO MORE POINTS. I shall be having words with her at this Summer’s AGM! This same Shotgun Wedding proved popular with regular lysander before joto waged a BATTLE ROYAL to wrestle TWO POINTS again from the royal coffers.

With three hits found so far, there was still time for centrino to come in on cue singing “Day Dream Believer” (Two Points) before the arrival of the infamous wickedtongue with a barrowful of goodies. Not only did he have Shotgun Wedding and Day Dream, but he also came up with DRAG QUEEN for a massive score of SIX POINTS. This particular set of link words played right into his hands! I recall that wickedtongue was the very first contestant to claim a clean sheet of four hits when set by Michael Mepham himself!

Following the outstanding performance of wickedtongue, it was then time for single-point scorers to make their appearance, as seekeerz, twix123 and gen2 each made their mark. It was now time to check on the final scores for the month of April.
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The top of the League Table after this fifth week is:

EIGHT POINTS: Aquagility, lysander & wickedtongue
SIX POINTS: centrino, Christiana, deecee131 & Dinkypuzzled
FIVE POINTS: Elspeth & tearinghair
FOUR POINTS: joto, Mrs Ont-ice, owllady, rockfordill & Strix
THREE POINTS: evsajo, Jools, kawakiri & Mr Ont-ice

Five of those listed above served us faithfully in 2010 and another five held office in 2009. If my records are correct, the mighty wickedtongue last set the link words back in August 2008 and, if so, is worthy of another reign as Royal Setter of the MM Links. Therefore it is with great pleasure that I invite wickedtongue to stand up to the mark and show that not only can talk the (wicked) talk, but he can also walk the walk!

My sincere thanks go to the exiting MM Links Champion, middlestump, for an entertaining month.

Until we meet up again: HAPPY LINKING!

I'm addicted, rubbish but addicted :)

Many congrats to the point scorers and many thanks to middlestump and crofter
We were rubbish again, having missed last week due to being unable to get onto the internet we were hoping for good score this week.

Thanks to crofter and to middlestump and we look forward to pitting out wits (or lack of) against wickedtongue next week. Well done all you who managed to score.
If wickedtongue was on my wavelength, I wonder if I'll be on his when our roles are reversed? Good luck WT and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Thanks to all of you for making it so.
Special thanks, of course, to Crofter who nursed me from nervous debutante to semi-professional.
Well I started the month well but then all downhill after that ! Thanks Middlestump for some interesting words and thanks Crofter for scoring (even though I didn't really challenge your brain too much !)
Thank you Count Middlestump and crofter. A slightly better month for me this time, hope the trend continues!
Middlestump, what did you think about young Barney Gibson's performance for Yorkshire this week? (My mother's family came from Yorkshire, so I feel I'm at least half a Tyke).
Thanks, crofter and to middlestump. And I'm looking forward to whatever devilment wickedtongue may have in store for next month.
Tearinghair - To break a 144 year old record is impressive by any terms. The accounts I've read have suggested that he gave support to the adage that 'if you're good enough, you're old enough'. I certainly wish him well, although I'm not sure that I should condone him missing lessons - especially maths! :-)
I think Paul Jarvis was 16 and a couple of months when he first played for Yorks. If Barney follows in PJ's footsteps then he'll end his career at Hove!
Thanks crofter and Count Middlestump.....I finally managed to get a point with your very last linkword of the month!!!
Many thanks, Count and crofter - a good fun month [ aren't they all !!] and I managed a point or two along the way
Well done all the points scorers, especially wickedtongue.
Thanks to the count and, of course to crofter.


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MM Links Solutions April 2011 [Week 5]

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