MM Links Solutions April 2011 [Week 3]

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crofter | 18:02 Sun 17th Apr 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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“The Count” (aka middlestump) appears to have had a “normal” week with a reasonable number of points awarded. Turning to Music and in particular “The Beatles”, he concentrated on their album “Rubber Soul” ~ deemed by some to be their best work. He went with the following link words:

INDIA Rubber
STAFF Sergeant

I believe Doctor Pepper is a popular soft drink which I allowed through thinking that no one would get it! I was wrong!

Warm words of welcome to newcomer, albaqwerty. Your lateral thinking is just what is needed, but you provided me with a pointless answer unfortunately. Nevertheless, I urge you to keep on trying!



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Once again, the turnout was a little on the lean side with only 38 entrants. Apart from the amazing weather, there were many sporting fixtures to divert some of the regulars. Three of the link words went in the first ten entries, with rockfordill leading the march with STAFF SERGEANT for TWO POINTS. Ready to correct any errors, tearinghair came second equipped with an INDIA RUBBER for TWO more POINTS.

This proved to be a popular link word and a string MM Linkers, were able to beat the clock for bonus points. They included Aquagility, deecee131 and lysander, before “the lady of the night” (aka owllady) offered SOUL FOOD for the third link word and tempted “the master of the night” (aka Strix) to partake of her offering. Each received TWO POINTS. Only one more entrant, namely Jools, beat the clock with her Staff Sergeant
Question Author
It was now time for single-point scorers to make their appearance, as kawakiri, Jim, x-ray and ChrisHewat made their mark. In the midst of all this, the awesome wickedtongue struck twice to pick up Two Points for Soul Food and Staff Sergeant delivered towards the end of the game. What happened to DOCTOR PEPPER I hear you ask? Just before I was about to close up shop, kettledrum did her usual performance of coming on late, striking up the band and clearing off the last remaining link word for the final TWO POINTS!

As for this week’s honours, only wickedtongue managed to make a double whammy (if just for Two Points). In situations like this, I tend to reward the double hitter and so I nominate wickedtongue as HOT SHOT OF THE WEEK.
*** Let trumpets sound and canons roar ***
*** The peasants cheer and shout “Encore” ***
Question Author
The League Table after this third week is:

SIX POINTS: Aquagility & deecee131
FOUR POINTS: Christiana, Dinkypuzzled, Mrs Ont-ice, owllady, rockfordill & Strix
THREE POINTS: Elspeth, evsajo, Jools, kawakiri & tearinghair
TWO POINTS: beejay1124, centrino, cliffyg, freebi, grannydi, kettledrum, ladyalex, LaneyB, lysander, patchett, SHAZZA & wickedtongue
ONE POINT: boxtops, ChrisHewit, cupid04, Eiggam, fordward, Jim, jobjockey, joto, mirandasmum, Mr Ont-ice, seekeerz, tearinghair & x-ray

With three weeks under our belt, the month of April looks well and truly stabilised. With still two weeks left, there is still time to go loopy again! I can’t wait for Week[4]. See you then.

I have compiled the League Table (above) under severe time pressure. Please check your entry and report any errors.

Until we meet up again: HAPPY LINKING!

Congrats to the winners; thanks to Crofter.

Nothing for me - again... ...
Thank you Crofter. I'll keep on trying :)

Congrats to those who scored points.
Thank you crofter for efforts.
I now it would be an additional burden but in the case of Ont-ice to the far west of us to judge their efforts on the time at which, on their own clock, they submit them?
Crofter, you have me twice on the list, with three points (correct, I think) and one point.
Well that's a surprise! Thank you Middlestump for choosing Dr Pepper, & Crofter for allowing it and noticing. (I still haven't forgotten tectonic plate & Nemean Lion!!) I shan't be around next week ... not that I trouble the scorer much even when I am, but am already looking forward to Week 5.
Thanks Count and crofter, although I'm very much in the freefall club this month!
Zero points for me. If at first you don't succeed try, try again was what I was always told. So I'll try again next week. Well done all you point scorers.
Well done all the points scorers, especially wickedtongue.

Thanks to crofter and the count.

(No points for me this week :-(( )

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MM Links Solutions April 2011 [Week 3]

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