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Clue Chain 4

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Canary42 | 19:47 Fri 26th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
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The idea of the game is that the setter poses an original home-made clue which everybody is invited to solve.  The poster who solves the clue first (hopefully identified by the setter) is then invited to post their own original clue, easy or cryptic.

We will start with Hazlinny's  

Does one really need to be in Paris to take this medication?  (7)

to which mallyh has offered    aspirin.

Please respond Hazlinny.




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Question Author

royal marine ? ? 

Royal Marine 

yes royal marine is right ......king = royal ..marine anagram of airmen x

Question Author

Proscribe a 1/3 native fruit (6)


Question Author

Well done Mallyh, banana is correct, 😊

Goes with swings in the play ground  11

Question Author

roundabouts ???

yes Canary x

Question Author

Thanks 😊


He provides fuel, but sounds hot stuff himself (7)


Question Author

Sorry, not fireman


Question Author

✔ Coalman is correct. Well done mallyh 😊


sounds hot stuff = Colman (mustard)

provides fuel = coalman

Ahh, I thought Coalman, but couldn't make connection 😁

Did he thieve a hat 5 4

i'll rephrase that 

Did he thieve a head covering 5 4

Is it something Hood?

yes x

another word for thieve x

61 to 80 of 2063rss feed

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Clue Chain 4

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