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Daij | 22:44 Tue 20th Feb 2024 | Crosswords
16 Answers

8a Unexcited by God particle overarching variable sci-fi film (5,7)

?i?N? , ??????N

6a Streaked stone valued - I must probe that (8)


11a Miseries with tons disappearing in cash repositories (4)


10d Pleaded to host group of women displaying syrup (8)


12d Famous player about to be overwhelmed by cricket delivery (6)



Thanks in advance



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Any ideas?

Question Author

I'm stumped

10. bewigged ?

well done sam! WI inside begged, a wig can be called a syrup (of figs)

11a Ills

I thought of 'ills' but can't parse it except that it means 'miseries'

Question Author

take 'T' off tills 




12d Bacall

6a  ?assessed but can't parse if it is!

8a ? Event Horizon  ... there is particle horizon and a film called Event Horizon  .. just a wild guess!

Yes Hazlinny

Even (unexcited as in temperament) + thor (God) + Z(variable) (overarching) ion (particle)

= evenT hor i z on (Sci-Fi film)

Question Author

Thanks very much for your help


Have you any more letters in 6A now?

6ac Striated 

8ac Event Horizon

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