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Daij | 10:21 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | Crosswords
10 Answers

6a Streaked stone valued - I must probe that (8)


7d Twice encountered game bird in NZ (4)


14d Go off climbingaround on top of mountaion for thrill (6)


17d Tapir removing wings from fowl (4)


20a Small body of soldier's protecting centre of Slovak joint (8)


19d Support singer on the radio (4)


21a Wound on sheep's head and tail (4)


Thanks in advance




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6 striated

21a scut

7 ruru

19 base

17d (b)anta(m)

14 tremor

20 dovetail

20 detail(body of soldiers) around "ov" (centre of slovak)

14 go off = rot , around =re , top of mountain = m

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Thanks very much for your help

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