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Daij | 21:49 Tue 20th Feb 2024 | Crosswords
12 Answers

1d Flower stall regularly seen on Roman road (6)


2d Blue ink pricy and not totally required (4)



Thanks in advance



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Os PRICY right? 

pri CYAN d

2 cyan (in clue)

Question Author

According to the clue, yes. I noticed it was a bit odd too

Ah- the pattern fooled me.

Yes it's normally pricey, but it's setter's licence to make the clue work

Question Author

"A" in 1d is probably wrong.



I'm trying to make something from regular letters in 1d but fOESAL isn't a word

s(t)a(l)l + via

Well done elliemay

Thanks Newmodarmy

Question Author

Thanks very much

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