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Rondy | 14:56 Fri 12th Apr 2024 | Jokes
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1. 5 ants + 5 ants = Tenants

2. To bring an ant from another country into your country = Important

3. Ant that goes to school = Brilliant

4. Ant that is looking for a job = Applicant

5. A spy ant = Informant

6. A very little ant = Infant

7. An ant that uses a gun = Militant

8. An ant that is a specialist = Consultant

9. A proud ant = Arrogant

10. An ant that is cruel and oppressive = Tyrant

11. An ant that is friendly and lovely = Coolant

12. An ant that has changed from evil to good deeds = Repentant

13. An ant that accumulated so much food in summer for use in winter = Abundant

14. An ant that isn’t willing = Reluctant

15. An ant that keeps financial account = Accountant

16. An ant that occupies a flat = Occupant

17. A huge ant = Giant

18. An ant that is important = Significant

19. An ant that has big legs = Elephant

20. A sarcastic ant = Mordant

21. An extremely fast ant = Instant

22. A noisy ant = Rant

23. An ant that doesn't keep moving = Constant

24. A dirty ant = Pollutant

25. An ant that annoys = Irritant

26. An ant that lacks knowledge= Ignorant

27. An ant that can take anything without complaining= Tolerant

28. An ant that wastes resources= Extravagant

29. A very careful ant = Vigilant

30. An ant that maintains good odour = Deodorant

31. An ant that finds it hard to move = adamant

32. An ant that refused to move = Redundant

33. An ant that is into business = Merchant

34. A Political ant = Aspirant

35. An ant that sues someone to court= Complainant

36. A happy ant = Jubilant

37. An ant that is patient - tolerant

38. An ant that does not cooperate - recalcitrant

39. An ant that doesn't agree easily - reluctant

40.An ant that runs away from school unjustified -Truant



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An ant that's an official in the R C church = Pedant


An ant running away to get married = Antelope

An Ant and Dec without an Ant - a Dec.

How can you tell the sex of an ant?

Drop it in water.

If it sinks, it's a female ant.

If it floats, it's a male ant.


The threat to American democracy that never was.

Johnny, surely you mean girl ant and buoyant

I didn't want to make it that obvious lol

One who types in gibberish ?



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