Wise Words From Prince Philip - Part 3

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Hymie | 20:54 Sat 10th Apr 2021 | Jokes
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On a visit to open the headquarters of GB Airways at Gatwick Airport in 2000, Philip chatted to pilots and cabin crew and told them: ‘When you think of all the publicity about planes being dangerous to fly in, I wonder, why aren’t all of you dead?’

In 2009, a young man told him he’d worked with the Samaritans. He replied: ‘You didn’t try to commit suicide did you?’

As he sat with the Queen at the Royal Variety Show in 2014, watching a male stripper scene from The Full Monty, Philip told their biographer Gyles Brandreth: ‘Don’t worry, she’s been to Papua New Guinea and seen it all before!’

On a visit to the GCHQ building in Cheltenham in 2004, Labour MP Chris Mullin asked Philip about the modern design, saying: ‘Would Charles approve?’ ‘Charles who?’ replied the Duke.

In 2005, a female reporter asked him: ‘I wondered if you might like to talk to me?’ He replied: ‘You can carry on wondering.’

After meeting Gogglebox regulars Sandra Martin and Sandy Channer in 2016: ‘Well, I won’t be watching you, that’s for sure!’

In 2006, to comedian David Walliams after he swam the English Channel for Sport Relief: ‘Is this the nut who swam the channel?’ Turning to Walliams’s mother, he added: ‘Any more nuts in your family?’

As the Queen opened a dental hospital in 2015 in Birmingham, Philip asked the crowd: ‘Are you all here to get your teeth done? We don’t want to jump the queue.’

At a 2014 reception for a disability charity, Philip saw ex-rugby player Alastair Hignell in a high-tech wheelchair that could be raised or lowered as required. He said: ‘That must be good for cocktail parties.’
He then told BBC disability correspondent Nikki Fox — who was in a normal mobility scooter: ‘You should get yourself one!’


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FGS, let the man Rest in Peace!!
You’ve obviously got a book of his ‘gaffes’ so have I but today isn’t the time or the place for them !
Can't see anything wrong with them, others of the Easily Offended Brigade will no doubt have a different opinion with which one is not allowed to disagree.
The first one there - If he had said that to me I would have laughed and agreed with him. He knew his audience.
I class these as a tribute to the man.
I loved the things he used to say. So mischievous.

I think his humour is something we should celebrate.
He could be scary though. I have heard a few stories about him on the Royal Flight. Glad I wasn't working on it.
Scary? I reckon I could have taken him when he was only 95.
I can see no lack of respect in Hymie's post, think the old Duke enjoyed having a laugh.
All apocryphal, or highly edited versions of something which may, or may not have been said, & without any reliable sources.

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Wise Words From Prince Philip - Part 3

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