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BANANASPLITS | 20:07 Sat 03rd Nov 2018 | Jokes
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A little girl complained to her father,
"Daddy, I wish I had a little sister!"
Trying to be funny, her father joked, "But honey, you already have a sister!"
Confused, the toddler asked, "I do?"
"Sure," her dad said, pulling the kid's leg.
"You don't see her because every time you come in the front door, she scoots out the back door!"
The confused toddler thought for a moment and then beamed,
"Ahh You mean just like my other daddy!"


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Ha Ha ;o)
Now that's my sort of joke, Banana.....!.... :-)
Question Author
2 smiles that's good
Baldric and I smiling together???? Blimley, Banana......folk will begin to talk...... ;-)
Question Author
Go to a dark room have a lie down ;-)
Not with balders lol xxx
Okay....but it won't be with Baldric...whatever he's faced in the past lying down in a dark room with me would be beyond him.... ;-)

Phew, got off lightly there, . . . . ;o)
I’ve been found out again......

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