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marval | 17:33 Fri 03rd Aug 2012 | Jokes
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When the jumbo jet on its way to Charles de Gaulle got up in the air, the loudspeaker came on: "This is your captain Emilia Rodriguez speaking. We are cruising at 35,000 feet, yaddayaddayadda."

When the announcement was finished, a woman calls the flight attendant over and asks, "Is it really true that this plane is being flown by a woman?

"Yes," says the attendant, "Captain Rodriguez is a woman."

"How wonderful! exclaims the passenger, "may I go up into the cockpit and congratulate her?"

"I think I can arrange that," replies the attendant, "and BTW, you might also like to know that the co-pilot and the navigator are women, too."

"Oh, this is exciting," gushes the passenger, "I'd like to go and congratulate them all!"

"Well, you may certainly do that. In fact, you'll be interested I'm sure to know that only women make up the entire crew of this flight."

"This is the proudest day of my life," continues the passenger, "I've just got to go to the cockpit and express my admiration."

"One more thing you might like to know," adds the attendant, "we don't call it the 'cockpit' anymore!"


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inevitable, i suppose.

very good.
What's it called now?
Oi. ^^^^
Question Author
I don't know what they call it.
Well I can think of something !
Question Author
Is it rude tony?
Well, what do you think, marval. lol
Question Author
Rude would be my guess
You know me to well, marval. lol
would it get through ed's swear filter?
Doubt it, cupid.
It's now referred to as the " Box Office "
LOL @ madiba, brilliant.
Very funny, marval and madiba!
Question Author
Thank you madiba
Marval - The pleasure is all mine

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