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Why are we such a soft touch?

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R1Geezer | 10:19 Fri 09th Apr 2010 | News
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Last year we paid anti British Muslim nutter, £25475, during the same period we paid a British Front line soldier £17004. Is there anywhere else in the universe where the enemy is treated better than the indiginous fighting man? I know this is probably music to the ears of the anti British lefty mafia but I find it disgusting.


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Question Author
Plenty of links, do a search or do you doubt this?
Question Author
Google: Anjem Choudery benifits
And thenthere's that group on facebook about soldiers desserving more money than footballers.

They do, but soldiers egt paid from other people's taxes, footballers belong to a business and wouldn't get paid so much if gournless people didn't buy their over priced merchandise and game tickets
And think how much taxes would be raised to make them earn more than footballers, there would be outrage.
Question Author
yes molly overpaid nancy boys they are but footballers are not trying to kill us are they?
Appeasement. Don't want them complaining to hard else it might ruin our world standing. Thats why so many want to come here in the first place.
Afraid that the full story might discredit your point?

Feel free to supply details of what the pay-outs were for.
I agree that he sounds like a despicable man.

BUT, he is British - which means he is entitled to his views (abhorrent though we might find them). Of course, we could stop giving him the benefits (that every other British person is entitled to claim). But if we stop giving them to him, who else should we stop giving them to?

What about people who ride motorbikes in excess of the speed limit. They are putting their own as well as other people's lives on the line. Why not stop them from having benefits.

What about also making them wear a special badge so that we can distinguish that these people have a different point of view? Maybe a yellow star?

For some one who claims to be proud of being British, you really don't seem to like living in a free and democratic country
Question Author
I don't like scroungers vic, right enough there, I especially don't like scroungers who hate us. Is that ok with you? Don't know how sponging terrorists and riding a bike are related on planet Vic but hey ho, it's free country as you ably point out. I have never claimed a penny from the state and I get mightily pi55ed off at what a soft touch we are. The rest of the world must be pi55ing themselves at what we have become when we pay anti British forigen terrorist scum bags more than front line troops, sorry you can see that. Are you not even slightly annoyed at that?
Question Author
sorry missed a bit.

I would stop giving benefits to anyone capable of work, end of. They won't starve they can have food vouchers but no actual cash to spend on fags and white lightening or in the case of the mad mullahs, bomb making chemicals.
Lets make this simple for you R1, I know that you do like your black and white world:

You seem to want a British citizen (born and brought up in this country) who doesn't agree with your views to forego state help which he is justly entitled to.

So is this because:
1) He is not white?
2) He is a Muslim?
3) He wants to implement a different law?
4) Some other reason?

We live in a democratic country and therefore every one is treated the same. Personally, I like this, despite the fact that it sometimes appear unfair.

I don't like the fact that this (and similar) cases happen - but the thought of a R1Geezer police force deciding who gets benefits and who doesn't, terrifies the hell out of me. I believe that they were called the Gestapo.
R1 - sorry you wrote the second bit whilst I was composing my reply.

If you are calling for a change to the benefit system for EVRYONE, then I would agree. Your question seems to only call for people you disagree with.

I have written about this several times - I agree that everyone on benefits should have food provided (as well as cookery classes to teach them how to cook), they should have clothing provided and they should have shelter provided. Anything else needs to be 'earned' by either normal jobs or by voluntary work for local councils which could 'earn' them basic income.
but then, if they are earning, they don't need the other stuff provided for them do they?
Else basically its saying that everyone should get a job and recieve free clothing and food and cooking lessons . . .
Question Author
Yes vic I accept what you are saying and yes It's a rant against a terrorist sympathiser and again yes I do acknowledge that the rules apply objectively. Just angry I suppose. I do fully agree with what you suggest about benefits/work etc.
Would you prefer to live in a country where your entitlement to benefits or public services depended upon you not criticizing government policy?

I'm sure that could be arranged
Question Author
No jake, I'd like to live in a society where everyone who can contributes in some way, I know that's an alien concept but hey I've always been an extremist!
Somali Traffic Wardens in London get paid more that a soldier. This really is sick.
McMouse - how much do you earn? Bet it's more than a soldier. Why don't you give everything that you earn over a soldiers salary to an army charity? Lead by example and all that.

Easy to criticize when you don't do anything about it, isn't it?

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