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kia cat | 03:25 Fri 09th Apr 2010 | News
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Somerset won't have the torch paraded through the County, [
I for one don't blame them. Why don't we have a purpose built Olympic site in one country [I'd suggest Greece, that's where it started] and hold the games there every 4 years. Think of the colossal amount of money that would be saved, in both the building, hosting and aftermath of the games for countries around the globe. What do you reckon? Or is it too much of a media party for the entertainment and sponsorship makers?


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good idea

think of all the back handers it will stop
the olympics make money, plonker! and even if they didn't I'd rather spend it on sport than work shy layabouts. What The Funicular has Somerset got to do with it anyway?

It just pi55es me off the amount of anti Brtish tw&ts that moan about the Olympics and try and put the whole thing down. If you crave disaster look at the kin worlkd cup in RSA.
they cannot afford to pay for managing the road closures which they predict could cost £315,000

thats fair enough. i guess most of the cost would be for consultant fees and expenses. i do think though they should at least look into local sponsorship/investment. after all, if their beautiful countryside and attractions are broadcast around the world, it might lead to increased tourism and business investment.

but if they dont get the cash from the above or the lda, i can see their point. but they have a couple of years to generate interest.
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Thanks for your responses, just because I'm not wildly enthusiastic about the Olympics [like you R1Geezer - plonker, yourself] I don't see that makes me anti-British.

It just seems to me that every 4 years a nation goes into a massive build project for the event is a bit of a waste of money. We'll shell out a fortune - as a nation - in the planning, construction etc., etc.
All the profit will go back into where? Not back to the taxpayer I'm sure.
get it through your head the olympics make money! geddit? the last ones to cost where 1976, not counting Moscow of course. Atlanta was in credit even before they started.
well said
Three Olympic shooting events are illegal in Britain
will they let the longsight mob shoot for britain as they have had more practice

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