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A Tory Thank You To Pensioner's

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gulliver1 | 12:55 Sun 23rd Jun 2024 | News
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As the Final Curtain falls on The Tory Party .Their last act is to bring another 650,000 pensioner into the clutches of HMRC to join the eight million they have already placed there since the Tories put a freeze on the income tax threshhold. This is the Tory Party saying thank you to all those loyal pensioners who have voted for them.





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Gulliver, what are you talking about?

gully - you have said the election doesn't matter to you so why don't you just BUTT OUT?

Question Author

I hope all the Ab pensioners realise this raid on your pensions is being carried out by the Tories ..and not try to blame Labour when they have taken possession  of No 10.😎

Gulliver, you've been asked to explain what you're talking about.  If this is 'News' tell us what it is.  

Is there a link, of course not, no one has a clue what Gully is talking about

If he thinks the Tories are hurting pensioners with tax rises all I can say is - YOU AIN'T SEEN NUTHIN YET!

Question Author

Not forgetting the Tories have fixed this tax threshold freeze  until 2029.No wonder lots of loyal Tory voting pensioners have decided to vote Labour.

Has Sir Keir promised to restore personal allowances to indexation?

(thought not)

Question Author

If it isn't Hurting it isn't Working .And the Tories want to hurt as much as they can before they go.

If you haven't a link, can you not at least tell us where you seen this claim?

Question Author

13.08 NO!         The Tories have placed a preservation order on          ........The freezing of the tax threshold until 2029.

"13.08 NO!         The Tories have placed a preservation order on          ........The freezing of the tax threshold until 2029."

I don't normally subscribe to your nonsense, gully, but since this involves a matter of fact I'll make an exception (for the benefit of other readers).

No government - not even a Tory one - can bind its successors. So there is nothing to stop an incoming Labour government from "unpreserving" the tax thresholds which the Tories have imposed. We'll have to see what they do, though my money would go on them doing nothing and the frozen thresholds will remain. We'll have to wait and see.

Question Author

It must be sad for the very, very true Blues to think that the Party of Disraeli ,Churchill and Thatcher may never hold power again.😎

The Tory manifesto includes raising the tax threshold for pensioners (only) by the triple-lock value – such that the basic State pension will not incur any income tax.

I think Gully is becomming a fan of TGL. Praise indeed to be mentioned along side TGM.

@Gulliver 13:00:

May I remind you of the pension schemes plundered by Gordon Brown to prop up Labour's profligate spending?


Question Author

I see that quite a few Top Tory businesses have had to remove paintings and statues of Thatcher from their boardrooms when entertaining guests at their meetings. Because of fear of offending them or loss of business.

Gully ❤ Maggie!

Question Author

15.39 Childish ..grow up.😎

Have they, any proof of this. ^

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A Tory Thank You To Pensioner's

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