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Is This Antisemitism?

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Untitled | 10:34 Sun 23rd Jun 2024 | News
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ben aston is the reform candidate in bournemouth west who said: 

"Many of the powerful groups agitating for the mass import into England of Muslims from the Third World are Jewish'"

the previous reform candidate in the constituency was deselected 3 weeks ago for posts he had made on social media (cannot find examples)



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Unclear, seems an odd thing to say.

I would want to know where he got that from.

These comments are antisemitic and hugely offensive.  Reform are voicing many issues which concern the majority of the British public but Aston is clearly a bigot & should be de-selected, even at this late hour. 

There seems to be a danger of criticism of anything remotely Jewish being off limits.

Antisemitism is now just a word to shut everything down.

People like to use cliches because

A it saves them having to think OR

B it saves those they are addressing having to think OR

C they are trying to stoke ill-feeling and division.


It certainly sounds dodgy, but... seems to me that claims of antisemitism are starting to mirror those of racism. It's not automatically racist to level a criticism against anyone of black origins, if that criticism is not influenced by their race. Unfortunately, cries of racism are aplenty if someone does, because it's an easy excuse. Sadly, antisemitism is now following that pattern. Criticise Israel, you're antisemitic. Offer sympathy to the dead of Gaza, you're antisemetic.

Such generalizations weaken the argument against genuine incidents of antisemitism or racism.

It is an unintelligent, thick-headed remark. The Jewish community in Britain is undergoing threats and unpleasantness enough from the Muslim community, with many fearful of going out in public, and many Jewish children are having to be escorted to school.

Why would Jews wish to exacerbate that problem by aiding even more Muslims to gain entry to the country?  

I suppose if you look at it another way it could be stoking up resentment against Muslims.

Question Author

I suppose the argument might be that that zionists might wish for arabs to leave palestine and come to the west instead. but many jews are not zionists. 

he seems to be taking the "great replacement" conspiracy theory back to its nazi origins by insinuating that the world is controlled by jews... which is definitely antisemitic

Folk have freedom of opinion. If that is his believe merely ask him to support it with facts.


There seems too much of this irrelevant finding of past Internet posts in order to sling guano into the fan. If someone says something controversial you need not vote for them if you don't want to.


Yes, it's antisemitism.

this irrelevant finding of past Internet posts

the claims were posted last year, so he can't exactly attribute them to juvenile ignorance.

Doesn't need to. It's still irrelevant mud slinging.

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Is This Antisemitism?

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