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You Can Trust This Man?!

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Sinead_O | 09:22 Fri 21st Jun 2024 | News
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So Corbyn would have made a great Prime Minister, according to Keir Starmer- yep, the IRA's mate who has "friends" in Hamas and wants to pull out of NATO.  Now Starmer thinks he can be trusted with the national security of our country.  What a pillock.




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Ignore the typos - I've not had lunch yet and am peckish.

> SP,  I imagine Sinead did copy and paste her link as you say - I know of no other way - but I have discovered - by trial and error - that if line spaces are not inserted before and after links they don't work. 

No, in this case, it's because Sinead didn't start the URL with https - if you just start with www, it's not converted into a link.

Why does anyone think that Labour are less patriotic than the other parties?


12:31 Stop it! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

SP, //Thing is - you could say that about soooo many politicians today, and the charge would stick.//

True - but this is not about soooo many politicians - it's about Starmer - the man who could well be our next Prime Minister - God help us!

You lot are hilarious!  Thank you so much you make my day:-)))

Seriously, how many were in the military when the Tories came into office?  And how many are serving now?

Starmer insists that Agent Cob would have been a good PM and better than Boris but doesn't think he is "good enough" to be an MP and expelled him from the party. Talk about duplicity. Professional liar by trade and casual liar by trait. 

Re 12.31

If by patriotic, you mean xenophobic and racist, as regularly displayed by some here on AB, then Labour supporters may well be less patriotic.

This is an irrelevance and desperation from people who realise that the Tories are going down big time. It's got absolutely nothing to do with this election and is a further example of continued scaremongering because there is nothing left in the tank. Boom! 😄

in the very first sentence of your link, it says he didnt say that!

he said corbyn would Have been better than BJ.

which no-one will ever know if true or not; its impossible.

lastly, since when did anyone trust a pm?  i wouldnt trst sunak, starmer, davey, farage etc

Couple contenders for BA there!

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You Can Trust This Man?!

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