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Things Can Only Get Worse.

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gulliver1 | 11:30 Wed 19th Jun 2024 | News
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A soon to be failed ToryPM .Has asked another failed Tory PM To write to tens of thousands of Tory victims. Imploring them to vote Conservative.Has Sunak in a last dying attempt to cling on to Power recruited Johnson to write .Dear dyed in the wool Tory voters please can you vote Tory on the 4th july. Our plan is working.... Things can only get worse.                           Deliver to every house in the UK  at taxpayers expense. OK. 



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"Things Can Only Get Worse." - yep with Labour about to run the country, can't argue with that.

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After the first twelve months of Glorious Labour in power .     The Headline news will read  "You've never had it so good"

Things CAN only get worse if Cardboard Blair and Gobbo get into number 10.

What are they going to do that's so good, gulliver?

Naomi; we'll all have to wait and see.

Gulliver doesn't appear to be waiting to see, atheist.  He's telling us he already knows.

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11.44 Don't forget what Thatcher told you Sinhead.                If a person ...*Like You*....attacks politicians personally and rude It means you have not got a single political argument left.

They can't get any worse than your mangled grammar and punctuation

Sir Beer will be walking to work on the Thames. The NHS will be disbanded, Sir Beer will heal the sick. He's buying 5 loaves and a couple of mackeral from Tescos to feed the 5 million. In the evening he'll be turning the contents of water bowsers into prosecco and sending them out for the people to turn it back again. We won't need the met office anymore, Sir Beer will be calming any storm. I Can't wait for the 2nd coming.

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You lot are crapping yourselves even at the Thought of Labour getting those keys to No 10..God help you if the do.🤣

our plan is: things can only get worse - - - is hardly patriotic, Gullz old boy

Johnson has declined to join the fray - 

  The Headline news will read  "You've never had it so good"

ooooo... Macmillan 1958, and led him to the victory in 1959. End of empire - colonies convert into failed states etc

In fact it was a boom era which ended in 1962 when the whole of the Treasury Team ( inc Enock Powell) resigned as they felt everything had been mismanaged. - and then the Night of the Long Knives (*) 1963 when he ( Mac the Knife) replaced a third of his cabinet in an effort to stay in power.

that was the one that Jeremy Thorp said:  Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his friends for his life.

I see more parallel with the 1964 General Election

(For those who dont get connections - the connecction between my post and Gullz point is that they all concern general elections - memo to self: this is AB)


(*) - jesus that will start the mods screaming

-- answer removed --

TTT ite domi you naughty boy

this isnt the first GE ever, tora

General elections 1959 - 64 and 66 - you need me as phone  friend on Who's gonna be a millionaire

//You lot are crapping yourselves even at the Thought of Labour getting those keys to No 10..God help you if the do.🤣//


So you've been fibbing to us, gulliver.  It's not  going to be good.

It might be something called 'irony', Naomi

"Things Can Only Get Worse." Under Labour they certainly can and pensioners should have fear, because their track record is pretty abysmal eg. Gordon Brown ruined retirement for a generation;

Labour's secret tax rise dossier

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The respect between these two failed Tory PMs in no wider than a silver teaspoon. Boris says he is always available to serve the Con Party as long as he can self serve himself first.

// Labour getting those keys to No 10..God help you if the do.//

Threats now - I know how sensible people react to threats.

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Things Can Only Get Worse.

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